A Thai Massage Is A Wonderful Thing

Let’s get the elephant out of the room from the very beginning. This is not an article for people looking for a cheap thrill or a happy ending.

This is all about the superb professional Thai massages that you will find throughout Thailand. Once you get one, you will never look back.

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My Experience

Getting a massage never really appealed to me Of course I had heard stories of dodgy massage parlours both at home and in Thailand, but I had also heard that some therapeutic massages could be painful and oil massages just felt like something for the girls.

How wrong I was.

We traveled to Thailand for our wedding in 2009 and as part of our wedding package was a couples massage. There was a range of treatments on offer but we both opted for a traditional Thai massage. What a revelation it was. Despite my sunburn that I had picked up the previous day, and was quickly spotted by the masseur, the massage had an incredibly effect on my body, making me feel far more relaxed, flexible and even light on my feet.

Thai Massage

Now a holiday to Thailand wouldn’t be the same without one or two Thai massages. This year we found what I think is the perfect solution, a Thai massage on the day we arrive (or next day if we arrive too late) to help get rid of those plane aches, pains and stiffness and another on the day we leave to get ourselves into a more relaxed state for the journey home. If we are there long enough we may add an extra, different, massage into the middle of our trip, this year a wonderful coconut oil massage was a wonderful bonus.

What is a Thai Massage?

Dating back thousands of years, a Thai massage is a full body massage with origins and influences from Indian, Chinese and throughout South-East Asia. Thai massages will vary slightly between masseurs and may have some cultural or regional variations as you travel around Thailand.

Unlike other types of massage that rely on gliding and kneading motions, usually utilising oils, a Thai massage uses no oil and relies on stretching, pulling and rocking techniques. The therapist will use their whole body to manipulate your body, using their hands, feet, elbows and legs.

You will usually lie on a low bed or even on a mat on the floor ensuring that the therapist can work from both sides, each end and also be able to work from the bed or mat itself.

Thai Massage

Most massage centres will have a number of therapists so you will generally have a therapist of the same gender as yourself. You can always ask if this is not the case.

Professional massage therapists in Thailand must have completed hundreds of hours of training and be registered. Wat Pho, next to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, is renowned throughout the world for the excellence for not only its massages but also its education centre, teaching future top class Thai masseurs.

The Benefits

Although some of the techniques may involve a little discomfort, a skilled therapist will quickly recognise your limits and will adjust the intensity of the massage to suit your needs. It is important that you always let them know of any injuries or ailments you may have so that they can take that into account during the massage.

From a personal point of view a Thai massage completely relaxes my body, making me feel looser, relieving aches, pains and joint stiffness and I feel energised.

Other benefits cited include relief of headaches, back pain, muscle stiffness and pain, increases flexibility, stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic systems and even help to calm the nervous system.

There are some people who should check before they have a Thai massage including pregnant women (especially later into pregnancy) and people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and neurological diseases that affect the spinal cord and anyone who has recently had surgery. A good massage centre will be able to advise if you should have a Thai massage, adapt the massage to suit your needs or an alternative treatment. If in any doubt, especially as language may be a barrier to communication, consult your doctor before leaving the country to ask if a Thai massage should be avoided.

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A Thai Massage is not a naked or semi-naked massage. No oils are used and so there is no need for clothes to be removed. Many establishments will provide loose fitting clothes for you, like a baggy set of pajamas, others will ask you to wear your own loose fitting clothes.


You will find no shortage of options for a Thai Massage throughout Thailand especially in tourist areas.

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you are not heading to a sex establishment.

Generally the massage centres on the main streets will be offering genuine massages, unless you head down a street that is packed with girlie and go go bars. Many will have large rooms with massage areas separated by curtains, these give plenty of privacy for a massage but probably not enough for sex services.

Many hotels will have their own spa offering a range of treatments including Thai massages. These are often much more expensive that you will pay in a massage centre. However in some more remote areas they may be your only or best option

Thai Massage

The vast majority of massages available on the beach will be fine but may sometimes be more expensive than a main street centre and the quality may not be as good.

You may also find a number of temples, not just Wat Pho, offering massages that will usually be very high quality and are sometimes in spectacular settings.

A number of the more popular and larger massage centres may have their own website and will have reviews available on the internet which will help to pick the ideal centre for you.

A true story.

On our first trip to Bangkok one of our friends and his girlfriend were going for a couples massage. Before he went he had a quiet word with me as he was nervous that there may be some sort of sexual nature to the massage and he wouldn’t know what to do or say. I reassured him. “It’s a nice hotel not a seedy backstreet place, there won’t be anything like that going on and anyway you will be with your other half”.

He felt much better and happily went to the massage. Later that evening he came up to me again. “Her massage ended before mine and after she left the girl asked if I wanted anything else.” After I stopped laughing I noticed he was still quite serious “Do I tell my girlfriend?” I asked him if he had said yes and of course he hadn’t but was just nervous she would take it the wrong way. “tell her” I said, “she will see the funny side”, which she did.

I have no idea if she meant “extras” or a “happy ending” when she asked him if he wanted anything else but that was certainly what he though was meant. So maybe the seedier side of the industry does take place in some of the nicer spas in hotels as well. All I know is that I have never been asked the question.

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3 thoughts on “A Thai Massage Is A Wonderful Thing

  1. Meditation does wonders for healing.  A simple meditation that does not depend upon the eyes to focus upon some external object [I have a lazy eye so attempts to focus on a specific external object never worked for me.].  Always liked the pre WW2 research done by Royal Rife with radio frequencies.  Asian medicine rejects Western medicine on the specific, that it holds that internal organs produce basic emotions.  This concept works well with the Spinal Cord/Brain Stem reflex arc electrical “laws” within our bodies.  The art of meditation which this commentary promotes, affixes a color to an internal organ to a finger.

             This concept of meditation follows the post War Japanese healing technique that I employed to treat my daughter’s cystic fibrosis.  My teacher in this method of meditation – her daughter too had cystic fibrosis, and that common problem caused her to investigate Jin Shin Jyutsu is.

              Fear(red)[anger, passion, power]/אומץ לב(green)[nature, safety, envy, luck] to the stomach/kidney.  Anger(cyan[greenish/blue])[Spring, safety, stability, calmness, sadness]/Joy(pink)[romance, nurturing, kindness, calmness] to the liver/spleen/pancreas; Grief(black)[power, boldness, mystery, unhappiness]/Love(white)[emptiness, peacefulness, cleanliness, Innocence] to the heart/lungs.  Shame(orange)[energy, enthusiasm, attention, happiness]/Hope(blue)[confident, relaxed, acceptance, motivated] to large intestines/small intestines.  Guilt(Chartreuse/yellow-green)[warmth, growth, energy, confidence, attention, jealous]/Freedom(purple)[wealth, imagination, popular, winter, defensive] to gall bladder/bladder.  Chinese medicine distinguishes the pancreas as a gland rather than an organ. The Japanese view the heart as taboo.  Fear/אומץ לב/pointer finger.  Anger/Joy/index finger.  Grief/Love/Ring finger.  Shame/Hope/pinky finger.  Guilt/Freedom/Thumb.  The right hand corresponds with the toes on the left foot and the left hand with the toes of the right foot.  

             The crux of meditation centers upon developing an awareness and sensitivity to the “focus point”.  This meditation technique it’s different from the classic meditation as practiced in some yoga buddha styles.  While single individuals alone can meditate, this system, built around group meditation. Something like using battery cables to start a car requires at least two cars.  Two ways the body fights diseases, White Bloods cells and similar defense systems.  The other, the body actually remembers past diseases and develops an immunity.  The measles serve as a good example of this second type of natural defense within our bodies.

             The derivative of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that my meditation technique has developed over the years, it views powerful positive and negative emotions as a bi-polar battery.  In Asian medicine a low Qi [pronounced che] within the 10 major internal organs, a low Qi energy represents the chief cause that causes the body defenses to fail to overcome diseases.  The black death, which wiped out perhaps half of the population of Europe, began in China.  Chinese medicine treated the disease successfully.

              Some attempt to explain their healing success by simply saying that Chinese include rats within their Culinary menu.  I do not know.  Nonetheless the idea that our internal organs produce our basic emotions, this idea, likewise expressed within the prophets of the NaCH and Sages in the Talmud, they mutually agree and accept the idea that internal organs produce emotions.

             Western medicine has accomplished much.  But what I do not trust, the strong tendency practiced by the medical industry to push pills; the idea that doctors have some sort of “secret” knowledge/expertise outside of the realm of the common man.  The matter that bothered me for years, influenced by my dyslexia, how to employ the rational portion of our brains to communicate with our internal organs.  Remembered my first year of College biology.  Could ATP produced by the mitochondria, within the cells of the major internal organs, physically represent the Qi of Asian medicine.

             Early Freud, he attempted and failed to locate a physical location in the brain that produced emotions.  This failure caused him to develop his revolutionary idea of the conscious and non conscious components of the human mind.  Freud focused upon the libido/sex drive, this ideal scandalized European medical circles in its day.

             But clearly Freud searched for basic/fundamental emotions as the יסוד/foundation by which he sought to heal mental disease.   Western medicine, it seems to me, they remain stuck in the idea that emotions generate from the mind alone.  Western medicine does not view the Brain stem as serving as the Maestro which orchestrates the “music” of emotions produced by the internal organs of our body.  As the dyslexic brain has trouble communicating between the two hemispheres of the brain, so too the rational mind does not openly communicate with the internal organs without intense Yoga-like meditation.

             As an Israeli, the movement which hopefully will sprout from my political involvement within Israeli society, that Israel turns away from Shoah Europe as our main trading partners in favor of North Africa and eventually drawing in all or most of the African States.  Medicine for the masses, African society, basically 3rd world as it stands today.  Currently Western healing techniques dominate Israeli medical practices.  This hopefully shall change.  The medical meditation techniques my research has attempted to develop, permits the individual to treat diseases by means of meditation.

             In the 1930s Rife research accomplished healing through employment of precise radio frequencies aimed at a diseased internal organ.  Rife developed a powerful microscope that even today surpasses the electron microscope.  The latter can only examine dead cells whereas the Rife microscope could examine living cells invaded by bacteria and viruses.  The American medical community outlawed the Rife techniques for treating diseases.  But Germany and other countries have incorporated it as part of their standard medicine.

             Third world African countries, most villages lack electricity.  The internal organs vibrate, they produce “frequencies”.  Placement of the fingers upon targeted internal organs compares to starting a car with battery cables…transferring the “memory” of a healthy internal organ frequency over to a weak internal organ essentially defines the meditation of my modified Jin Shin Jyutsu is.

             Karen has not felt well and she just messaged me that her heart damage has returned.  She did not like making a meditation schedule and I certainly had no desire to demand it from her.  Meditation qualifies as a skill that requires practice and mental energy focused upon building the awareness of a person’s fingers, that they feel the vibrations whichthe targeted internal organ(s) produce.

             Color-Psychology, affixing a color to represent a fixed emotion assigned to an internal organ of the body.  The internal organs do not communicate through words, but rather by means of emotions.  To describe an emotion with words compares to poetry or songs.  King Shaul would rely upon David to treat his headaches by playing the harp.  Third world countries don’t have easy access to music.  But the human eye can see colors, a person can enter the cave of many colors within his mind.  Can colors have an impact upon the emotions the internal organs produce?  Yes they can.  Penitentiaries employ colors to reduce prison violence.

             The problem of meditation, the clutter within the mind.  Affixing a color to an emotion as mentioned in the 3rd paragraph above, and referenced throughout this commentary, endeavors to permit the rational neocortex part of the brain to communicate a focused color/emotion to a specific internal organ by means of the fingers feeling the vibrations produced by those two targeted organs.  In effect this meditation technique combines the neocortex together with the Brain stem to direct two targeted internal organs to produce higher levels of ATP, and release this increased ATP into the bloodstream to function as energy food for other internal organs.

             The beauty of this meditation technique, a healthy person can employ their fingers as “battery cables” and transfer ATP frequency energies from their body to assist the recovery of a sick person.  This vibration energy compares to Rife frequency healing and a healer alternating AC current, concentrates on a specific organ with the in-hale and the opposing organ with the ex-hale.  Inhale, focus upon the vibrations felt by the fingers of one hand.  Exhale, focus upon the vibrations felt by the fingers of the other hand.  Affix a color to a basic emotion.  The meditation focuses upon the pulse/vibrations felt by the fingers, in combination with “seeing” a fixed color within the mind – both the healer and the patient can do this as they breathe.

             TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] refers to Qi as the life-energy.  Wikipedia reports: “Meridians are not real anatomical structures: scientists have found no evidence that supports their existence.”  This statement merits a challenge.  Halaka means path.  To walk down a path before HaShem.  What wonder and awe!  Electrical currents travel through circuits.  How does the brain stem base of our brain communicate with our spinal column nervous system?  A “Like question” equally applies to how the reflex arc of the spinal cord communicates with the internal organs of our body.

              This precise knowledge lays not yet fully discovered.  Therefore the opinion of Wikipedia on this specific point – false, wrong, inaccurate.  When “science” assumes the mantle of the Catholic Church, and sports the authority of dogma: the infallibility of the Pope … science no longer exists as science.  Rather science now merely qualifies as the most recent replacement theology.  The dogma of this “new church”, it places demands upon its faithful, that they “believe” what the good doctor says.  Dogmatism of what a person should believe does not go well with an atheist – praise God, like myself.  It seems to me that ‘belief systems’ serve to stroke a persons’ personal Ego.  All belief systems begin with the word “I”.

             Each major internal organ of our body travels the “walk” unique to that specific organ.  TCM refers to these meridians as channel pathways, something like a highway designed for high speed radio traffic, perhaps translated as: Fight\Flight.  All communicative avenues require order.  A specific of – order – setting priorities and keeping those priorities so set.  Qi energy produced by all major internal organs [This research has limited its focus to the major internal organs within our body.  This restricted viewpoint does not exclude the possibilities that all organs of the body communicate Qi energy.  Something like how Germany and France dominate the EU].

              This shabbot ideas about Jin Shin Jyutsu Is, occurred to me.  The electrical current of our central nervous system, part of the “electromagnetic spectrum”, which radio frequencies likewise resemble.  Radio frequencies can produce heat.  Heating an assigned “pair” of internal organs, the heart/black and lungs/white.  Color, a language that a person can condition the internal organs to know.  Something like walking a dog on a leash.

             What does a meridian do?  “Roads” transport Qi life energies throughout our body.  Question: can Qi refer to as ATP?  Obviously blood serves as a medium of transportation.  But quick response time requires faster routes of communications.  The eye hand coordination that a catcher needs to catch a fastball.   Soldiers march in step to a cadence, similar to the way a fast ball hums as it approaches home plate.

              The skin of the human body has resistance to electric current.  99% of this resistance occurs at the skin.  Dry and wet skin have much different values of resistance to electrical shock.  Recommended to soak ones’ “battery cable” hands in salt water prior to doing Jin Shin Jyutsu Is.  TCM begins with 12 principal meridians.  Healing functions as an art rather than a science.  The latter makes – as its central focus – knowledge.  Healing by contrast qualifies as a wisdom.  Art, like the blowing of a shofar, the Talmud permits a child to blow on shabbot because the sages view the learning of that instrument as a wisdom.   דרך ארץ requires reciprocation.  Knowledge of a musical instrument does not transform that knowledgeable person into a musician.  The latter spends many many hours of practice to acquire mastery over his instrument of choice.

             The model of Western medicine makes for its focus – knowledge.  TCM exists as a wisdom.  The two often travel down different paths.  The consistent stroke of a painter’s brush, took years, perhaps a lifetime, to develop.  Modern science behaves as if it qualifies as an art critic.  Noise, similar to the EU demands made against Israel: to risk a Civil War and divide this tiny nation into two hostile states.  This commentary promotes the independence of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and the dismemberment of Great Britain, as a political action on par with the European attempts to negate Israeli national Independence.

             Israel attempted the ‘Give peace a chance’ shtick, with the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.  That risky attempt, just to appease the Chamberlains of the world, to strive for the grammatical noun of peace, rather than the grammatical verb of peace.   As a consequence, this wrong policy decision caused Israel to stand upon the precipice of Civil War.  With less than 10,000 people directly damaged by Sharon’s unilateral decision, ב”ה that our people did not permit our hatred among our people to spill the blood of Civil War.

             The Jewish State needs a Civil War?  The peoples of both Lebanon and Syria, those divided nations, so to speak, point a gun at their own people, in order to evaluate how brains splatter against a wall. The EU says: “Land for Peace, what do ya stand to lose?”  Surrender the victory of the 1967 Six Day War.  If the EU can succeed to negate the 1967 victory, then nothing stops them from striving to negate the 1948 Israeli victory.  Europeans miss their dirty little Jew; humbled by our eternal curse as christ-killer stateless refugees.

             The world existed in simpler easier times, when a Goy could murder a ‘dirty’ Jew, ravish his wife and daughter, and plunder and burn shtetl communities with State sanctioned impunity.  Please sit down if you’re standing.  European Goyim do not like Jews.  We had the chutzpah to try an imaginary God/man, and find him guilty; a Sanhedrin Court ruled the Gospel as mythology.  The Capital Crime made by this God/man, he together with his disciples declared himself Moshiach – a false messiah claim.  Europeans abhor that Jews view their God/man savior as nothing more than a myth.  On par to that of a child’s belief in Santa Claus.

             The Pope demanded from Galileo that he validate Church Dogma, that the Sun rotates around the Earth.  Enough.  Science and Art view our world based upon different perspectives.  Art seeks to portray the Awe that a Man sometimes experiences.  A person who feels a love for life, such a person, with a blessing, finds the cure for a disease.  Such a person offers hope to the sick.

             The primary contact points of Jin Shin Jyutsu is, require a strategy for their use and employment.  The crossover from the fingers of the hand to the toes of the feet occurs at the hips.  The sh’itta taken by this commentator – the hips, begin the lower body.  The bi-polar approach mentioned previously holds that ATP can travel down any meridian path.  A complex idea of meditation:  It affixes an internal organ “breath”, it separates the bi-polar organ pair, it permits travel access to all meridian pathways.  In-hale, focus upon the energy of a target organ directed to a specific upper body point.  Ex-hale, focus upon the energy of the opposing target organ, directed to a specific lower body point.  This strategy attempts to explain the fingers and toes philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu Is meditation.

             Whereas acupuncture employs the meridians in an action/reaction arc – Jin Shin Jyutsu Is – relies upon the Mind to direct the Qi produced by the targeted internal organ, and consciously directs this unique Qi energy to travel through a desired meridian path unto a targeted point on the body.  The purpose, to open blocked passages within these meridian lines.  This commentator opens by manipulating the opposing target “battery” organs by massaging, with oil, the appropriate points wherein the art of reflexology maps the confluence of target internal organs within the feet themselves.  

              No one argues that, for example, the heart opposed by the lungs, physically exists within the feet.  Reflexology maps the location of the nerves clusters, most linked to/influential to, our internal organs.  The modern Western translation for the TCM concept, known as meridians, perhaps this idea, Western medicine translates as the reflex arc.  Sufficient Qi opens blocked up or constricted meridians pathways.  In the heart/lung example: inhale, see the color black and become aware of the pulse vibration at a specific above waist point.  Exhale, see the color white and become aware of the pulse vibration at a specific below hips point – either a right hand left foot or a right foot left hand diagonal.  Jin Shin Jyutsu Is meditation mentally directs the Qi to designated points across the body.

             A healer needs to place their eyes upon bodily discomfort locations, inflammation – both external and internal.  Stool analysis, for example, this faecal marker can indicate internal gut inflammation.  The Talmud teaches that the Sages, in the Gemara of נדה, interpreted health through 5 distinct blood color gradations.  The sages could distinguish menstrual blood from a gastrointestinal bleeding source.   The color of blood passed per rectum, serves as a medium to gauge upper from lower bleeding sources; something like a pH color code.  One or two the brightest red to 4 to 5 the darkest black.  

             Menstrual blood measured as one or two on the color code.  Black, melena blood, also known as tarry stools, affected from gastric juices indicates bleeding in the upper digestive tract. Hematochezia blood, fresh blood in the stools; usually from the lower gastrointestinal tract — the colon or rectum — or from hemorrhoids.  A person’s ‘color’ too indicates organ health.  A person with jaundice has a yellowish or greenish pigmentation of the skin and whites of their eyes.

             Mucus and inflammation go hand-in-hand.  The body produces mucus as a defense mechanism against toxins, pollen, viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and parasites.  Mucus-producing tissue lines the mouth, nose, sinuses, throat, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract.  It protects the delicate linings of our internal system.  Mucus compares to oil in an internal combustion engine.  It functions something like fly-paper, it both traps pathogens and also transports them out of the body.  

             When the body over produces mucus, this indicates that the immune system senses some kind of attack.  Many things can cause our body to overproduce mucus, from over eating to a diet of processed foods, such as farmed fish, deli meats, eggs, GMO grains, dairy products, refined sugar, soda & alcohol & coffee.  Healers universally agree that nutrition functions as the יסוד in the art of healing.  Usually people who overproduce mucus do not drink enough water, 3 to 4 liters of water on a daily basis.

             The body communicates by way of signs, something like the mitzva of brit melah and all the other תרי”ג commandments.  Congestion, continual coughing, headaches, long term joint pain, feelings of exhaustion, fever, and pressure in your face – all exist as health signs.  Nasal irrigation, using a neti-pot, or bulb syringe or squeeze bottle.  Saline water naturally reduces sinus mucus.   Inhalation of menthol vapor or steam, another way to reduce mucosal inflammation.   A humidifier keeps moisture in the air.  When a stool has visible mucus, this indicates a possible sign of bacterial infections, anal fissures, a bowel obstruction, or Crohn’s, a type of inflammatory bowel disease.  

             Other signs to investigate: Stomach pain, cramping, bloating, sudden changes in stool frequency, consistency, or color.  Iridology compares to reflexology, both employ charts that map the body.  This wisdom analyzes the body simply by examining the eye on a clear day with the light of the sun.  Different sectors of the iris charts correspond to different areas of the body.  Iridology, a healing art, attempts to make a depth analysis of the eye based upon markings and discolorations.  Iridology nor reflexology, serve to diagnose disease.  Healers employ both techniques, to get a feel of a persons’ overall health; something like the 5 blind men feeling different parts of an elephant.

             The יסוד of Jin Shin Jyutsu Is meditation, it attempts to affix,  Qi energy, produced from an assigned pair of internal organs, which function something like a battery, and to mentally direct Qi to heal a physical ailment.  Healing practiced as an art in no manner compares with Western medicine/science.  The poorest, most simple person can meditate.  Karen reports that she feels much better, color has returned to her face and she does not tire as quickly.  Improvement in how she feels pleases me greatly.  Quality of life takes priority over Quantity of life.  

             Rav Aaron repeatedly said: “טוב מעט ממעט טוב”.  Rav Aaron lived a full life, till the night of his accident.  He fell off a ladder while painting a house, and broke his leg.   He died a couple of months thereafter.  Apparently the broken bone released some unknown toxin into his blood.  Neither the healer, which I sent to his hospital bed, nor the doctors, succeeded to restore his health.  I love Rav Aaron.  Miss the life which blessed Jerusalem with a unique kabbala sh’itta of Torah learning, and simple honest business practices for nearly 7 decades.
             TCM views the heart as the master of the internal organs.  The sh’itta of kabbala that Rav Aaron taught me, the liver rules as the primary internal organ.  TCM tends to focus upon 7 basic emotions: anger, worry, sadness, fear, joy, grief, apprehension.  Clearly Jin Shin Yyutsu Is, highly influenced by TMC.  TCM has four main branches: Qi meditation, acupuncture, message, and herbal.

             Organ meditation, as developed by the sh’itta practiced by this commentator, does not speculate exactly how internal organs influence perception.  Unlike TCM the kabbala of organ meditation focuses upon assigning a specific color, which the rational mind attempts to mentally see during meditation.  A color affixed to one of the two bi-polar target organ battery, when placing fingers upon the target organs.

             The sh’itta of this healing kabbala, centers upon employing the rational mind in meditation to communicate with target internal organs to increase ATP production and to send this Qi life energy to targeted meridian points.  TCM makes no focus upon the brain stem/spinal reflex arc.  Do internal organs dominate instincts?  Perhaps, but this healing knowledge exists outside of the purview of the basic knowledge known to the common man. 

             Training the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex to directly communicate with the Medulla and Brainstem.  The temporal lobe located at the base of the brain has an association with memories.  Parietal Lobe processes pressure, touch and pain.  The Occipital lobe, located in the back of the brain interprets visual information colors and even word recognition.  TCM does not treat the brain as one of the major internal organs of our body.  This fundamental point of distinction separates healing by way of a modified Jin Shin Jyutsu Is meditation from the healing techniques developed by TCM.

             TCM leans heavily upon diet and spices.  Jin Shin Jyutsu Is, does not explore these possibilities.  It limits its wisdom to meditation: sending Qi down chosen meridium paths.  Its wisdom of expertise makes as its focus the meditation of the mind, coupled with the manipulation of organ points mapped on the feet.  It channels Qi healing frequencies, produced by an affixed organ “couple”, to targeted points on the body.  It relies upon the power of our mind to heal our body of diseases, combined primarily with reflexology organ manipulations.

             Internal organs “invest” Qi/ATP energy unto other organs of the body.  When a healer meditates sending Qi to a specific diagonal upper/lower points, the consciousness of the healer alternates awareness of the “battery” internal organs within himself.  Karen struggles with difficult skin rashes in her groin area, a consequent of the cancer medications she has received.  The spleen removes blood clotting platelets from the blood.  She has swelling in her left index finger tip.  The battery target organs: her liver and stomach.  The diagonal safety energy locks #s 1 and 3 as found in Book 2 of Jin Shin Jyutsu Is.  The treatment for her skin rash began with a reflexology manipulation of her liver and stomach, about 10 minutes devoted to each individual foot.
             Afterwards, washed the oil off my hands, and then washed both hands a second time in a water/baking soda solution.  Meditated while holding her right 3rd toe and left index finger. Thereafter placed my fingers on safety energy locks #s 1 and 3; the inside knee joint and the top of the neck just under the brainstem.  Approximately 30 minutes, spent to attempt a liver/stomach transferral of Qi energy to those two points along a Meridium.

             Paleness perhaps caused by Anemia.  The most common type of anemia comes from iron-deficiency.  Fatigue, the first clinical sign of anemia.  Classic symptoms of anemia: pallor complexion, pale lips and nails, pale tongue, dizziness, blurring of vision, insomnia, numbness of limbs, palpitation.  TCM places a strong emphasis upon diet and digestion.  Initial treatment by Jin Shin Jyutsu Is, does a meditation focus upon the Kidney/Spleen(Liver) battery.  Healing requires a working dynamic, the ability to improvise.  Some patients lack the Will, confidence, or concentration to meditate.  The art of healing rests upon the shoulders, under these adverse conditions, of the healer alone. 

             Connecting the bi-polar organ battery, depending upon the circumstances and the client, accomplished in multiple ways.  Placing the fingers of the client directly over the two target battery organs of the healer; the healer places his fingers directly over the target battery organs of the client; the healer places his fingers directly upon the target organ sites as revealed by reflexology charts.  The k’vanna of meditation, in the third alternative, alternates from foot to foot, making an alternating current flow.

             Meditation centers upon awareness of how a person breaths.  This wisdom makes the sending of spirits along meridian lines.  The Chinese, we know refer to these spirits as Qi.  But kabbala understands these spirits as middot.  Middot spirits, and the dedication of these tohor spirits to self actualize within the life of a person qualifies as a one sentence summation of the entire Torah/Talmud scholarship.  A person enjoying good health has greater vigor to keep and observe the Torah commandments, prophetic mitzvot, and rabbinic halaka.

             Today meditated on channeling Qi energy to #5 safety energy lock, opposed by the #6 safety energy lock.  Then moved to #8 opposed by #12 of the safety energy locks.  Took the pointer finger and opposing 2nd toe /green/fear/אומץ לב diagonal and the Spleen/pancreas/liver anger/joy/pink middle pointer finger opposed by the 3rd toe diagonal.  And thereafter meditated upon the #8 opposed by the #12 safety energy locks.  The wisdom of Book 2, written by Mary Burmeister of Jin Shin Jyutsu Is, she affixes an energy lock to a specific finger.  An utterly profound association, a person can seek out specific related safety energy locks based upon a common meditated emotion/organ/mind color.

             Prior to today’s meditation, Karen closed her eyes and generally appeared to sleep.  Not today, for the first time she meditated and affixed a mental color with her breathing – inhale/green, exhale/pink.  Immediately after the meditation she ate with an appetite.  She behaved with a fuller degree of confidence.  Her rash in the groin area remains an ongoing problem.  But she’s smiling and this causes me to feel great happiness.

             Karen has Type 2 diabetes.  The pancreas has 2 known primary functions, one endocrine and other exocrine.  Exocrine cells release enzymes to assist the gut to assist in digestion. These enzymes go to the duodenum to aid in the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The pancreas likewise produces insulin and its opposing glucagon that circulate in the bloodstream.  Blood sugar/glucose, comes from the food we eat.  Excess blood sugar damages the heart and kidneys.  The best way to reduce glucose in the blood, physical exercise, drinking water, and a high fiber diet.  The body cannot digest cellulose; the cellular structure of virtually all plants, comprised of cellulose.  Fiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.

             Regular exercise causes the cells in our body to more readily accept insulin.  An overweight person, the cells within that person tend to not accept insulin when it, so to speak, comes knocking at the cell door.  Skin ailments have a strong association with diabetes.  Collagen in our body compares to cellulose in plants.  Four of the nutrients that help produce collagen – vitamin C, proline, glycine, and copper.  Collagen peptide powder supplements, easily added to food.

             Signs of diabetes: heavy body, distended abdomen, slow digestion, abdominal tension, chest pain.  The pancreas and spleen compare to the relationship of insulin opposed by glucagon.  According to TCM, people afflicted with diabetes, have a tendency to need sweetness or tenderness in their lives.  The meditation with Karen today focused upon making the battery organs of the pancreas/Joy/pink/index finger and the small intestines/Hope/blue/pinky finger.  Karen reported that her rash skin inflammation in the groin caused her to not sleep well at night. 

             We meditated on the points of the feet aligned with the pancreas and small intestines.  Her vibrational energy, experienced a strong rhythmic pulse in both feet.  We then did the hand/toe diagonal with both of the two target battery organs.  Then we meditated on the #15 lower and #3 upper energy locks.  In all meditation points Karen vibrational energy – clean, clear, and strong.  Thereafter Karen said she felt tired and immediately fell asleep.

             TCM holds that the gallbladder influences our passion for life, inspiration, action and assertiveness.  Diet and stress directly affect this internal organ.  TCM distinguishes between “solid” contrasted by “hollow” organs.  The Yin/feminine organs in TCM: the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys.  The Yang/male organs, primarily connected with digestion: the gallblader, stomach, s. intestines, L. intestines, bladder and Triple Burner meridian.  The triple burner influences the endocrine glands (which produce hormones) mainly through the free movement of Qi.  The Pericardium Meridian, a yin meridian, paired with the triple burner meridian, connected with the exocrine glands.  The three burners function to assist in the transport of fluids throughout the body, removing itching and heat, treating swellings, and overcoming problems with various organs.

             The key difference between endocrine and exocrine systems, the former releases hormones directly into the blood whereas the latter does not.  Endocrine hormones affect growth, reproduction, sexual function, tissue function, metabolism, mood, sleep etc.  Hormones, chemicals produced by a gland that facilitates communication across the body, something like the Greek god Hermes.  The primary endocrine glands: the pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal, parathyroid, estrogen and testosterone.  Classic diseases linked to the endocrine system: diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, thyroid cancer, stress, infections, electrolyte imbalance etc.

             Exocrine systems, these glands protect and lubricate the blood vessels and organ cavities; enzymes, sweat, mucus, salivary, mammary, stomach acids, earwax, tears, bile,prostate, acne fats – all products of the exocrine system.  Enzymes, biological catalysts designed to cause a metabolic reaction, life-sustaining chemical reactions, theyaccelerate chemical reactions in the body.  The liver and pancreas function as “mixocrine” glands, they perform a dual endocrine/exocrine function.

             The gall bladder communicates by means of certain symptom signs, like stomach discomfort and upper-abdominal pain.  The gallbladder sac lies beneath the liver.  Bile breaks down fats to assist their absorption into the body.  Should cholesterol in the bile clump together it can form stones.  Other symptoms by which our gallbladder communicates: pain or discomfort in the right shoulder, right side of the stomach, or in between the shoulder blades.  A yellowing of the skin, high fever, body chills, dark-colored urine and pale stools, itchy skin, and heavy sweating.  Foods high in fat, like fried foods, whole milk products, peanut butter, or avocados, can provoke the gallbladder. 

             Dr. James Breneman, his book “Basics of Food Allergy,” written in 1968, he states that food allergies cause gallbladder symptoms.  According to him, eggs, pork, onions, chicken, turkey, milk, coffee and oranges, most associated with allergenic foods followed by inflammatory reactions.  Jin shin Jyutsu Is meditation sets as the primary goal of healing: the reduction of inflammation within the body.  Poor health manifests itself when our auto-immune system initiates an overreaction, as occurs in food sensitivities.  Meditation heals by commanding the body to calm itself and relax to reduce both shock and trauma.

             When Rav Aaron broke his leg, inflammation caused his leg to swell and double in size.  Plasmapheresis/Hemodynamic therapy might have saved his life.  When a truck ran over my mother, breaking most of the bones in her body, the doctors treated this severe trauma by literally filling her body like a balloon with fluids.  This type of treatment, developed during the Vietnam war to treat war wounds, greatly contributed to saving her life.  It not only prevented bone fragments from causing supplemental damages, but more importantly it forced the body to eliminate these excess fluids as waste.  In effect, the auto-immune system recognized inflammation as a life endangering threat.

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