South-East Asia Covid-19 Statistics

The following table shows the official confirmed Covid-19 statistics for South-East Asian countries. Please note that the level of testing in an individual country will have an effect on the figures, some will have widespread testing and others may only test those with symptoms or who have been admitted to hospital.

Follow the links for more information on individual countries response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Figures correct as of 29th September 2020 and are provided in good faith as information only and we make no guarantee of their accuracy. We will update this page regularly.

Please note that the data in the tables will display best on a computer or tablet.

Corona Tracker

CountryConfirmed CasesTotal Recovered*Deaths
Philippines309,303 (+2,025)252,9305,448 (+68)
Indonesia282,724 (+4,002)210,43710,601 (+128)
Singapore57,742 (+27)57,39327 (+0)
Myanmar11,631 (+0)3,073256 (+5)
Malaysia11,135 (+101)9,939134 (+0)
Thailand3,559 (+14)3,37059 (+0)
Vietnam1,077 (+0)99935 (+0)
Cambodia277 (+1)2750
Brunei141 (+0)1382 (+0)
Timor-Leste27 (+0)270
Laos23 (+0)220
South East Asia677,639 (+6,170)538,60316,562 (+201)
South-East Asia Covid-19 Cases

*Not all countries record or monitor Recovered cases in the same way.

South East Asia COVID-19 Deaths as at 27th August 2020

GCI Index

The Global Covid-19 Index has been compiled by the GCI Global Advisory Council designed as a basis for data-driven decisions to be made in curbing the pandemic.

We have included these figures as a guide and are not indicating that we support, or otherwise, the methodology or findings.

Recovery Index

Recovery Rating. 1 = Poor 5 = Very Good

Severity Rating. 1 = Low 5 = High

CountryGlobal RankRecovery RatingSeverity Rating Severity Index
Brunei48 (+4)3118.84
Cambodia40 (+4)4121.28
Indonesia61 (-3)3122.87
Laos31 (+5)4122.08
Malaysia7 (-2)5115.38
Myanmar131 (-1)2121.46
Philippines71 (+9)3230.43
Singapore11 (+2)4242.42
Thailand2 (+0)5110.57
Timor-Leste55 (+17)3123.05
Vietnam17 (+0)2115.50
GCI Recovery Index

Severity Index

CountryCases per 1mDeath Rate Due to COVIDCOVID_19 Fatality rate
GCI Severyity Index

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