August in Review

We have had a busy month here at Flyingdog towers (well sat in my conservatory as I work from home).

Most popular blog posts included the Best Beaches in Thailand and Best Beaches in Vietnam, My Favoritite Things to Do in Bangkok, our updated statistics on COVID-19 in South East Asia and Don and Vik’s most excellent lockdown adventure.

There was also the true story of a European Roadtrip and a very popular recipe for Banh mi kep and we finished the month with a yummy recipe for Thai Cashew Chicken.

Here are the highlights from the month.

Angkor Wat

We were really excited to launch our new website section on the Angkor National Park.

We included features on Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Ta Prohm, as well as a visitors guide. More content is planned soon.

Bayon, Angkor Archaeological Park, cambodia

The 12 Best Beaches in Thailand

Gorgeous Thai Beaches

Some of the beast beaches in the world are in Thailand.

There are so many beaches narrowing it down was difficult, but here is our top 12.

South-East Asia Flight Monitor

We have looked at the best prices between the UK and South-East Asian countries for early 2021.

Hopefully borders will open and we can sample some of the bargains on offer.

Singapore Airlines plane ready to fly

Jack’s Flight Club send out regular free emails with incredible worldwide flight deals.

The 9 Best Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam beaches

As we dream of golden sands in Vietnam, here is our list of the best.

Hopefully we get to sample some of them in 2021, we have a Vietnam trip booked.

Don and Vik’s Covid Adventure

We meet Don and Vik an Australian couple who decided to leave home and travel throughout South East Asia.

Then a pandemic hit and they suddenly found themselves in Malaysia during lockdown.

This is a fascinating and inspiring story.

Don and Vik

Covid-19 Travel Insurance


For those brave souls who are booking travel, it is important not only to have travel insurance but to find the best COVID cover.

This guide is updated as we find new policies or existing ones updated their terms and conditions.

South-East Asia, Open to Travel?

Updated at least weekly with the latest travel news for South-East Asian countries.

Hopefully soon we can start talking about the area opening to travel again.

Singapore at Night

South-East Asia Covid-19 Statistics

COVID-19 Statistics

Updated at least three times a week with the relevant statistics for COVID-19 in the 11 ASEAN countries.

Banh mi kep (Vietnamese Pork Baguette)

This isn’t really a cooking website but we received such positive feedback for this recipe that we have more South-East Asian dishes planned to share with you.

Banh mi kep

My Favourite Places

Krabi, Thailand

Thailand features heavily in this list that also includes UK and European destinations.

Cars, Fires and Money Woes

The start of a European Road Trip that turned into more than a holiday and more of an adventure.

Antibes marina

My Least Favourite Places


Not everywhere that I visit has happy memories.

Includes a former favourite in Thailand plus a major tourist destination in the UK.

Bangkok, My Favourite Things To Do

Right now we can’t head to Bangkok but I can still think about my favourite things in Bangkok. Are your favourites there?

Right now we can’t head to Bangkok but I can still think about my favourite things to do in Bangkok.

Are your favourites there?

Bangkok, Thailand

Cars, Fires and Money Woes Part 2

Amsterdam by Night

The conclusion to our road trip included a brush with the law, customs problems and car issues.

Thai Cashew Chicken (Gai Pad Med Mumuang)

A quick and very easy recipe for an extremely tasty Thai dish suitable for newbies to Thai cuisine as well as those who already know and love Thai food.

Thai Street Food

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