October South East Asia Flight Tracker

We have previously published the best flight prices for a number of UK to South East Asia Routes in our July and August Flight Monitor series of posts and our September Flight Tracker.

We also featured South East Asia airlines, the effect that COVID-19 has had on them and their plans for the future in our post South East Asia Airlines and COVID.

We have taken another look at flight prices and, on the whole, prices have started to increase again. All flight prices were based on outbound flights on 3rd March 2021, returning on 17th March 2021.

Obviously at the present time there is still great uncertainty over travel, even as far forward as March 2021.

If you are looking at booking flights, we recommend that you look carefully at the airline policy on flight cancellations. You may get extra protection by booking a package so that if one part of your trip is affected, other parts are also covered in cancellation policies.

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After a large dip in prices last month we have seen an increase to more normal prices for most flight prices to Bangkok.

Direct flights had dropped to £374 in September, the best price now is a British Airways flight for just over £450.

If you are happy to have a stop along the way and save yourself some more money, you can get a good (short layover and low overall travel time) indirect flight for around £341 on Lufthansa.

Indirect flights from Manchester have dropped slightly to £380 on Lufthansa.

October UK – Bangkok Flight Tracker


Direct flights from London to Singapore were hitting the £600 mark in July, dropped to £347 last month and have now increased to £439 on British Airways.

Last month we saw indirect prices from London more expensive than direct flights but are now the cost effective option with Swiss offering flights from £340.

Last month we saw very high direct prices from Manchester to Singapore and this continues, currently at £1,244. There are still doubts that this route will be available even by next March as Singapore expect less than 50% of pre-COVID flights to be running by then.

Indirect flights from Manchester are still good value with a flight on KLM available from £437.

October UK – Singapore Flight Tracker


We have concentrated on the most common destination in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Direct flights were £762 in July, dropping to £532 last month. They have increased to £574 this month, still on Vietnam Airlines.

Indirect prices have improved with flights available on Qatar from £520.

Indirect flights from Manchester have increased slightly to £509 on Qatar.

October UK – Ho Chi Minh City Flight Tracker


We have concentrated on the most common destination in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Direct flights have increased by around £80 from London, now available from £456 on British Airways. Indirect flights are available from £402 on Etihad.

Indirect flights from Manchester are available from £472 on British Airways.

October UK – Kualar Lumpur Flight Tracker


Again, like with Malaysia, we have concentrated on the main entry point into Cambodia, Siem Reap.

The cheapest price currently available is £563 on Cathay Pacific. There are very limited options with other airlines.

October UK – Siem Reap Flight Tracker


Flights to the capital of Jakarta from London have increased slightly to £500 flying on Singapore.

If you are looking to flights to Bali, your airport of choice is Denpasar. British Airways have the best prices from London at £580, up from £522 last month, on British Airways.

October UK – Siem Reap Flight Tracker


For flights to Manila we have adjusted our dates slightly to make direct flights available.

Direct prices have increased by almost 50% with Philippines Airlines offering direct flights to Manila for £830 up from £575 last month. Flying indirect on Turkish Airlines is available from £500.

Cebu is a popular destination, but we have not been able to identify any suitable flights this month.

October UK – Philippines Flight Tracker

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