Top 7 Things To Do in Koh Samui

While we wait for borders to re-open and the chance to travel again we take a look at our top 7 things to do on Koh Samui in Thailand.

We have lots of coverage on Koh Samui on our website including a where to stay guide.

1. Food, Glorious Thai Food

What can we say about Thai food that has not already been said?

There are so many options for great food on the island from expensive meals at high class restaurants to street food.

On our last visit we went to Tree Tops Sky Dining for an excellent 7-course meal, the following evening we spent less than £10 on street food that was as good, if not better.

The great thing about Koh Samui is that many of the staff working in restaurants will be able to speak at least some English.

Street food in Thailand. Credit Bai Menglong on Unsplash

That means if you don’t like it spicy you can tell them and they will alter the meal to your taste.

2. Scuba Diving

You can be taking your first steps into diving or an experienced diver, a trip from Koh Samui is well worth the time spent.

The sea directly around Samui is not great for diving or snorkelling but jump onto a day trip to Angthong Marine Park to experience world class diving. For a couple of days diving Koh Tao is also an excellent location.

3. Bophut Fisherman’s Village

Worthy of a visit on any day, especially during the evening, the area really comes alive on Friday evenings when walking street and the night market spring into life.

A lively but relaxed atmosphere with plenty of shopping opportunities as well as a range of excellent restaurants and street food and place to relax with a drink.

4. Beach Life

With 3 of our 12 Best Beaches in Thailand, 4 if you include nearby Koh Tao, Koh Samui is a serious contender for any beach lover.

Maenam Beach is relaxed and quiet for those looking for seclusion.

Chaweng is party central for those looking for a good time as well as an excellent beach.

Lamai is more relaxed than Chaweng but busier than Maenam.

North Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

All three beaches have beautiful sand, calm seas and that hint of paradise.

5. Get a Thai Massage

I love a Thai Massage. I didn’t think I would, be once I had experienced my first I can’t get enough.

The perfect way to relax and loosen your muscles following a long flight and also to prepare for the trip home. A good massage will make you feel looser, lighter and more positive about life in general.

There are no shortage of places to get a good massage from Spas in many hotels, to the roadside massage centres by the roadside and in the towns to beachside beds.

I have talked more about Thai Massages in my post A Thai Massage is a Wonderful Thing

6. Koh Pha Ngan

Made famous by the Full-Moon Parties, then the half-moon parties, Koh Pha Ngan (Koh Phangan) has become more notorious as the parties have become busier and wilder with reports of gangs selling drugs and litter problems grabbing the headlines.

There is more to this island than just the parties however with incredible beaches and jungle to explore and excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Recent reports have suggested that the days of the big parties may be numbered as many of the locals have been enjoying the quieter pace of life and less tourists since the pandemic set in. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

7. Take an Island Tour

Of course you could take a little more time and visit a number of local attractions individually, personally I think that they work much better as a day trip.

The trip we took started first thing in the morning and took in Hin Ta And Hin Yai (Grandma and Grandpa Rocks), the oddly shaped rock formations that have a distinct resemblance to male and female genitals – but nothing too rude for the children.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai, Koh samui, Thailand.

We also visited Wat Khunaram and the Mummified Monk an important local temple for Buddhists that has the mummified remains of Luong Pordaeng who died in 1973 while meditating.

We then went into the hills where we visited the Secret Buddha Garden with the incredible views surrounded by many statues nestled in the forest and river.

There was also Na Muang waterfalls which were wonderful to look at but even better to explore and jump in and cool down.

We then headed off to a local village restaurant for lunch before we continued on our journey taking in Wat Phra Yai , or Big Buddha and the nearby Wat Plai Laem, an 18 arm statue of Guanyin the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

Secret Buddha Garden, Koh Samui, Thailand

Our trip was a few years ago and included a visit to Koh Samui Zoo and also a visit to an Elephant camp that included rides. I wouldn’t recommend either of these and would say only to visit elephant camps that do not offer rides or shows and are committed to looking after the animals correctly.

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