Thai Rolled Ice Cream

My favourite pictures #1

I think like most people at the moment I have been spending more time reflecting and looking back at past trips.

So here is the first in a series of pictures that have some sort of significance to me, they might not always be the best pictures but they all mean something to me.

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Chiang Mai

We had just spent 4 incredible days in Siem Reap exploring the Angkor Archaeological Park and had then flown to Chiang Mai via Bangkok.

On our first evening in Chiang Mai we ventured from our hotel, grabbed something to eat and then went to explore the nearest market. All the usual Thai market items were there as we wandered around not really shopping just having a general look around.

Then we saw it. Ice cream, but not as we knew it.

Hundreds of combinations of ingredients, combined on a cold plate to create ice cream as we watched, then rolled and served in a cup. I love ice cream, but ice cream and a bit of a show? I was in.

We ordered and wow!

They added the fresh ingredients to the cold plate and rapidly finely chopped the pieces that started to solidify and form the ice cream. It was then finely spread over the cold plate and once ready scraped into the distinctive rolls.

I have no idea if it was the heat still hanging in the air, the show or just the taste but it tasted incredible.

Suffice to say we returned every night for another fix.

Thai rolled ice cream has become increasingly popular and I have seen it in more and more places, but none have tasted quite as good as my first time.

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