Ao Nang Beach Bar

My favourite pictures #2

In the second of a series of pictures that have some sort of significance to me, we look at the humble beach bar.

In our first installment in the series was focused on Thai Rolled Ice Cream.

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Ao Nang

To be honest this could have been about any number of beach bars in Thailand.

However this picture was taken early in 2020, just before the pandemic closed down travel worldwide, so has extra significance to me.

A casual 10 minute walk from our hotel were two beaches. Turn left and we headed to Ao Nang Beach, turn left was Noppharat Beach.

The big advantages to Noppharat were that it was quieter and there were a few beach bars. The last of the beach bars at the start of the beach is the one pictured. If it has a name I don’t know it. It was just a little shack that served a range of drinks and cocktails with a few tables and chairs on the walkway above the beach.

The drinks were cheap and served with a smile.

The setting was wonderful, trees to sit under to get some much needed shade and excellent views of the daily show that was the sunset. It was also a great location for a bit of people watching from the joggers running up and down the beach, to the families enjoying the sea to the people desperately trying to get that perfect Instagram selfie.

We also witnessed their resilience as one evening all of the power went off in the area. They were obviously well prepared as the torches were soon out and they continued to serve the majority of drinks without any hesitation as the bigger bars all struggled to cope.

I can’t think of a better place to just sit with my wife, enjoying the last of the day with a cold beer and a beautiful sunset.

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