Angkor Wat

My favourite pictures #3

I have previously selected Thai Rolled Ice Cream and Ao Nang Beach Bars for my favourite pictures. This one may well appear on many more peoples lists. The incredible Angkor Wat.

If you are looking for other great pictures, we have recently published features on Angkor Wat, Thai Sunsets and the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Angkor Wat

If you asked me for my favourite place on earth I would probably say, without hesitation, Angkor Wat. Once I thought about it I would probably get all confused and second guess myself as I thought about those other incredible places that I have visited. But my initial instinct would probably be here.

There are plenty of other pictures I could have selected but this was one of my first sights of Angkor Wat and so sticks in the mind.

Our guide, Rah, avoided the crowds and took us to a quieter part of the park. Our driver parked the mini-van and we started to follow Rah. Suddenly through the trees we got our first sight of the incredible, breathtaking Angkor Wat.

It seemed that every new turning, every new site that we visited, was another breathtaking discovery with more history that my poor memory could ever hope to take in.

They say that pictures can tell a thousand words, but with Angkor Wat it is the feeling and memories that I have that are far more significant that any picture could hope to tell.

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