Dusky Leaf Monkey

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During our first visit to Ao Nang I thought it would be a good idea to head down to the end of Ao Nang Beach and over the Monkey Trail.

It would be a nice walk, we would see another beach at the end of the trail and, hopefully see the wild monkeys.

Off we set from our hotel, which was positioned in the north of Ao Nang, between Noppharat and Ao Nang beaches.

We walked through the start of the town and got to the north end of the beach and walked down the promenade. It was the middle of the morning and very hot. It was a longer walk than I thought.

We got to the end of the promenade and could see that it was still a walk to to the end of the beach.

To keep to the shade we continued along the little dirt road by the side of the beach. We walked past a couple of hotels and restaurants, past some massage huts, through an opening and through a couple of beach cafes, some more massage areas and finally to the end of the beach where the monkeys came down from the trees.


No problem, we headed to the rickety walkway, that is the monkey trail and started up the steps.

Which kept going and going, were increasingly loose and irregularly spaced and in places too narrow to pass other people coming the other way.

Finally we caught a glimpse of Pai Plong Beach, home to the Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas, at the other end but first had to negotiate the, very, steep steps down.

Many people were holding onto the handrail with both hands as the inched down, so steep was the stairway.

The steep steps at the end of the Monkey Trail towards Pai Plong Beach. Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

Finally at the bottom, we signed our names in the book, there are no private beaches in Thailand but this one may as well be, and headed onto the beach.

Still no monkeys.

It was a pleasant enough beach but nothing spectacular and because it was occupied wholly by the hotel there was nowhere to grab a drink on the beach. We hung around for 20 minutes, looked at the staircase, sighed, and headed back.

The climb was steep and hot but once it was over it was mostly down all the way back to Ao Nang beach, still devoid of any monkeys. At least there were some beachside cafes for us to have a seat and a cooling drink before we headed back to the hotel.

The next day we were relaxing by the side of the pool at our hotel, The Pakasai Resort. It bills itself as Krabi’s Greenest Resort and holds a number of Green Awards.

Suddenly there were excited voices behind us, we looked and there were a family of Dusky Leaf Monkeys sat in the tree on poolside.

They stayed for around half an hour, eating the leaves in the tree and offering plenty of photo opportunities before they are all headed back through the tree tops and up the hill.

We saw them a couple of more times before we left, including during our early morning breakfast before we left for the airport.

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