Malindo Air: Cuts and Scams

Malindo Air (Malindo Airways Sdn Bhd) is a “hybrid” airline based in Selangor in Malaysia. The airline was reported to have 14 Boeing 737-800, 6 Boeing 737-900ER and 13 ATR 72-600 planes flying routes throughout Malaysia, Asia and Australia.

Downsizing and Job Cuts

Numerous sources are reporting that Malindo Air is to cut around 2,200 personnel from its 3,200 strong workforce from the end of November. The downsizing would also result in the airline operating just 5 Boeing 737’s and 6 ATR 72-600’s.

Earlier this year Malindo offered staff voluntary redundancy or long-term unpaid leave as the effects of the pandemic started to hit. By April it was reported that the airline had virtually stopped flying and up to 70% of staff were on long-term unpaid leave. It is reported that at its peak the airline had 5,200 staff.

The remaining 1,000 staff are reported to be required to undertake multiple roles and additional responsibilities.

Malindo Air ATR 72-600. Credit Marufish on flickr

Website Scam

On 10th October Malindo Air issued a warning that a website had been identified that was selling Malindo Air tickets illegally.

The warning stated that were using a “dubious payment gateway that has not been registered with the airline’s system and all purchases made through the impersonator’s website is not captured in the airline’s database.”

They continued to advise the public to be wary of fake reservation platforms and that all bookings should be made through and registered travel agencies.

The website identified was “currently under maintenance” as of 22nd October.

Thanks to Donald Cassidy for letting us know about this issue. You can read more about his Malaysia adventure during lockdown here.

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