Vietnam Preparing to Open to Tourists

Sorry for the slightly misleading headline but this is the most promising news from Vietnam for foreign tourists for a long time.

The increasing activity to promote Vietnam and demonstrate safety for visitors seems to be the first steps in building demand when borders do re-open.

I hope this is true, I am meant to be heading to Vietnam next February and had all but given up hope that it would happen.

Why Not Vietnam?

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) recently released a short video promoting Vietnam as a must-see destination of Asia.

The 30-second video, titled “Why Not Vietnam” was released through CNN and included scenes from all over Vietnam describing the country as a “safe, new and exciting place to have an adventure.”

Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Credit Jack Young on Unsplash

Tourist Safe Destinations App

VNAT have also recently launched a new app that is designed to make it easier for visitors to check the safety of destinations within Vietnam.

The app will include a digital map containing information about restaurants, hotels, apartments, entertainment places, transport providers, hospitals and pharmacies who have submitted their safety status.

There will also be information on the local COVID-19 situation including numbers of cases.

Users will also be allowed to submit information on the service quality and safety standards of places that they visit in the app.

The app is available in English and Vietnamese at and includes promotions and discounts.

Da Nang

The central city of Da Nang recently held an online seminar aimed principally at the Singapore tourist market.

Working with the Vietnamese Trade Office in Singapore, Da Nang highlighted the COVID-19 control work in the city and Vietnam’s success in controlling the outbreak.

The seminar included details of the city’s policies on the sustainable development of tourism following the pandemic and highlighted local businesses strengths and adaptability to recover.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Credit Rafa Prada on Unsplash.

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