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First of all I would like to point out I am not a big drinker. I like to drink but it is an every now and then thing usually, and not too excess.

We first discovered the Chang Tower in Chiang Mai. In fact it was the same night that we discovered the Thai Rolled Ice Cream from my first post in this series.

We sat down to eat in a small restaurant near our hotel.

We looked at the menu but then the big question came, “would you like to order drinks?”

It would be rude not to so we started to order when someone said “What is a Tower?”. The waiter told us so rather than ordering three large and one small beers it seemed to be sensible to go for the tower.

The other drinks came, it takes a while for the tower to be poured, but then the exciting buzz of the tower coming to our table and the looks from the other customers.

Our food came, we ate and drank and left the restaurant very happy.

We went for a walk around the local market, discovered the Thai Rolled Ice Cream and as we were eating it stood and watched a live band in one of the bars. We were asked if we wanted a seat but the idea was that we were just watching the band while we ate our ice cream. Most of us were tired and wanted an early night.

The band were good. They were very good.

“Quick drink?” I said. A couple of people said they were going to bed but the rest of us fancied one quick drink while we watched the band.

Five of us grabbed a table. We sat down and looked at the menu. Chang Towers, excellent.

“A Chang Tower and three glasses please” the others had cocktails.

A couple of hours and a few Towers and cocktails later, we wobbled back to the hotel.

The band were so good that we returned with the other two people the following night so that they could enjoy the “Rock God” lead singer, but that is another story

I have never actually sat down and figured out if the tower is more or less expensive than individual drinks. It’s definitely more fun though.

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