Street Food

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I love street food.

This picture sums up everything that is good about street food for me.

Wander around a street market in many places in Southeast Asia and you will see all kinds of street food vendors.

The whole experience adds up for me. Gazing at their menu trying to narrow the choices down. Deciding on what you are going to have and then watching them cook or serve someone else’s meal and second guessing yourself.

Finally making a decision and then adding a couple of sides, because the whole meal, for two people, is going to cost less than awful fast food back home – yes McDonald’s I am looking at you.

In some street markets seating is hit and miss or even non-existent. But not here. They take your order and then take you behind the stall to their “seating area”. Initially it looks like just a jumble of chairs and tables but every vendor has their own space and quickly move you if you are sitting on their chairs but have ordered elsewhere.

My chosen picture was taken in Ao Nang earlier this year. We must have visited this vendor 3 or 4 times in our stay and also visited a couple of their neighbours. I think in two weeks we only ate in proper restaurants 3 or 4 times.

This though was the prime seat. Directly above their stall so you could watch everything being prepared and cooked. Quickly getting more and more hungry as the smell of the food wafts upwards and you watch food being cooked.

Then you see a member of staff walking in your general direction, you try and figure out if they are carrying your food and then….. success.

Every meal was as good as the last and didn’t ever cost us more than £10 ($13) for two people, including a couple of beers and always included mains, sides and rice or noodles.

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