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I have ridden in many a Songthaew over the years. We have hailed them from the side of the road, used impromptu “bus” stops and jumped onto waiting trucks.

I have always enjoyed travelling in the back of a Songthaew, with its open sides and back and the little sense of adventure as you hang on as the driver takes a tight turn and you start to slide on the bench seat.

However the one pictured almost felt like our own private transport.

We were staying at the Beyond Resort Khao Lak and asked at reception for transport, for the 6 of us, into the main part of town. They were, as always, very helpful and told us to wait outside reception at the required time the following day.

The next day we headed to meet the driver and there, waiting for us, with a broad smile on his face, was the driver and his Songthaew.

We told him where we wanted to go and jumped into the back. Off we went, enjoying the breeze as we motored along the road, admiring the scenery, the locals riding mopeds with children perched on the front or with goods piled high behind them.

Soon enough we pulled into the centre of La On and went to pay him. He smiled and asked if we needed a lift back. We said yes but not for a few hours. That was fine, we arranged a time and he waved our money away, “pay me on the way back” he said.

A few hours later we went back to meet him and again he was sat there waiting for us. By the time we had got back to the hotel we had decided to arrange our next trip with him before he left.

We used the same Songthaew and driver multiple times over the next week or so and loved every minute of it.

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