Smart Band for Thailand Tourists

A number of outlets in Thailand are reporting that visitors to Thailand will be required to wear a digital wristband that will alert local health authorities if certain conditions are met e.g. the wearers body temperature exceeds 37.5°C (99.5°F).

It is thought that the device will also measure blood pressure and heart rate. It is also reported that the device can help tourists with directions and ask for assistance while in quarantine.

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Reports are currently disagreeing with when the smart bands will be introduced and who will need to wear them. Some reports suggest everyone will need to wear them from 1st November while others suggest that they will only start to be trialed at this date.

No-one seems to know how long users will need to wear them for, what will happen if they do not wear them or even what the cost will be to tourists.

New COVID Insurance in Thailand

As part of the current entry requirements into Thailand, visitors can now purchase a Thai Government approved insurance policy that complies with all requirements of the Special Tourist Visa (STV).

In a statement the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, said, “A medical insurance policy with at least USD $100,000 coverage or about 3.16 million Baht for possible COVID-19 treatment is among the official documents required from foreign visitors planning to visit Thailand during this challenging public health crisis.”

The TAT press release goes on to say that other advantages of the policy, available online are:

  • No need for advance payment or out-of-pocket expenses when admitted at private hospitals nationwide. Insurance coverage does not exceed USD $100,000 or about 3.16 million Baht.
  • In the case of death from COVID-19 infection, the insurance company will provide a life insurance benefit of USD $100,000 or about 3.16 million Baht to the beneficiary.
  • The insurance premium cost is reasonable, the process is overseen by the OIC, and purchase can be done efficiently online.
  • Thailand’s public health infrastructure and healthcare facilities,  as well as healthcare professionals are recognised as some of the best in Asia for treating infectious diseases.

The insurance polices are available for periods from 30 days to one year.

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