Storm Goni Heads to Vietnam Following Philippines Devastation

The Super Typhoon Goni, known in the Philippines as Rolly, is heading towards Central Vietnam after causing destruction in the Philippines.


Reports in VietnamNews.Net say that around 361,000 people are in evacuation centres and almost 55,000 are being housed by family or friends, mostly on Luzon island which bore the brunt of the storm.

16 Dead in the Philippines After Typhoon Goni

At least 19 people are believed to have died, 11 towns are believed to be cut off, with thousands of houses destroyed or damaged. There are reports of massive floods and up to US$40 million (approx £30.8 million) of damages and losses to the agriculture sector.

The UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) is on the ground in Bicol, which has been heavily hit by the strongest storm of the year so far.

“The typhoon caused massive damage, powerlines are down, and the roofs have been blown off government evacuation centres,” said Conrad Navidad, Head of IOM Philippines’ Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit.

“We’re hoping our staff will be able to travel to islands that were Ground Zero tomorrow to deliver supplies, including personal protection equipment (PPEs), and continue their assessments of the needs of the many people who have been displaced.”

The situation in the region has been complicated with the IOM reporting that there were 425 active COVID-19 cases in the Bicol region.

Another Tropical Storm is already heading towards Luzon. Siony has already had sustained winds of 85kph (53mph) with 105kph (65 mph) gusts. The storm is heading towards Luzon and is expected to intensify before it makes landfall.


Still battling the effects of a series of major storms during October that have left more than 150 dead, Vietnam is now faced with Goni heading towards its Central Provinces.

Last week Typhoon Molave left at least 39 dead and 44 missing in the central and central highlands regions.

35 Die in Central Vietnam After Typhoon Molave

Goni is likely to make landfall further south than Molave, which caused devastation in Quang Nam Province and Da Nang areas.

The National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting is predicting that Goni will make landfall from Quang Ngai to Khanh Hoa on Thursday 5th November.

Typhoon Molave Batters Central Vietnam

Wind speeds have dropped since Goni struck the Philippines but are still expected to reach speeds of up to 117kph (73mph) with rainfall of up to 350mm (13.8 inches).

The Vietnamese Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control has reported that in the first 10 months of 2020 had left 335 people dead or missing as a result of natural disasters, mainly landslides, floods and hailstones. There has also been losses of around US$913 million (approx £704 million) due to the disasters.

Vietnam Floods Cause More Than 100 Deaths

The United Kingdom has joined the list of countries providing relief to the region after pledging £500,000 (approx US$648,000) to the flood hit region.

Picture credit Sam Chuchill on flickr of the damage caused by a previous typhoon in the Philippines.

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