Bali to Re-Open to Tourists?

A report in the Bali Sun has reported on widespread media rumours that Bali may re-open to foreign tourists from 1st December.

The rumours apparently come from a leaked memo from a recent meeting of top level officials.

The Bali Sun quoted the Bali Hotels Association as issuing a statement that said “There has been information circulating about the opening of Bali to International Flights on December 1, 2020. At this stage, this cannot be officially confirmed. The information circulating on social media and some chat applications cannot be validated. Therefore we urge stakeholders and visitors to remain positive but wait until the Central Government releases an official statement. In the meantime, Bali continues to welcome visitors from within Indonesia as well as other parts of the world that have arrived on approved e-Visas.”

The rumours suggest that international tourists will be welcomed back and will be required to be tested for COVID-19 with a PCR swab test upon arrival at the airport. They would then be transferred to a quarantine hotel until results of the test were received.

As long as the test is negative the tourist will be able to continue their trip as normal, if positive they will be quarantined to their hotel room for 14 days.

Indonesia has so far reported 444,348 cases of COVID-19 and 14,761 deaths. Bali has reported 12,133 cases of COVID-19 and 399 deaths.

Southeast Asia COVID Facts and Figures

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