Bamboo Airways to Launch Non-Stop Flights Between Vietnam and USA

Just 2 years after its launch, Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways has been granted a a Foreign Air Carrier Permit by the US Department of Transportation (DoT) to operate direct flights between Vietnam and cities in the United States.

Bamboo Airways was recently voted Asia’s Leading Regional Airline at the World Travel Awards.

World Travel Awards 2020

Routes have not yet been agreed or announced but it is thought that the airline will fly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to destinations such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A direct flight between Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles would be over 13,100km, taking around 16 hours, which would be one of the longest routes available.

According to OAG, 1.5 million passengers made the indirect trip between the two countries in 2019 and Bamboo Airways hope to make significant inroads in that market by offering the first direct routes between the countries.

Bamboo Airways plane. Credit Melvinnnnnnnnnnn (FN2187) on flickr

Nguyen Ngoc Trong, Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways is reported as saying “Depending on the pandemic recovery of the US and market conditions, by the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021 at the soonest, we will operate direct flights to the US.”

It is likely that they will operate the route with their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which can carry a maximum of 294 passengers. It is believed that they currently have 3 Dreamliner’s with more on order.

Bamboo Airways also have ambitions to run direct flights to Munich and Prague, these were delayed by the pandemic but it is hoped that they will start as soon as possible in the future.

Photo Credit Melvinnnnnnnnnnn (FN2187) on flickr

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