Indonesia Looking to Start Mass Covid-19 Vaccinations

Reuters have reported that Indonesia President Joko Widodo has said that there were advanced plans to introduce a mass Covid-19 vaccination programme as soon as possible.

“We expect to start the vaccination process by the end of this year following a series of tests by BPOM,” Jokowi said.

BPOM is the Indonesia food and drug agency and will need to approve the programme to vaccinate all 270 million of the population.

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Indonesia has so far reported 457,735 cases of Covid-19 and 15,037 deaths, the most in Southeast Asia and continue to report high numbers of new cases, 5,444 in the last 24 hours.

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Widodo is hoping that BPOM would grant approval at the start of December but the safety of the vaccine was the main priority. Once approved they hope that vaccinations would start 2 weeks after approval and health workers, police and the military would receive the vaccine first.

Indonesia are reported to have deals in place for 250 million doses of various vaccines until the end of 2021.

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