UK Adds Countries to Travel Corridor List

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On Thursday 12th November the UK Government announced additional countries being added to the travel corridor list, and it included Southeast Asia countries.

The Travel Corridor means that anyone returning from that country would not be required to self-isolate on entering the UK. It is not a two-way agreement however.

From 4am, UK time, on 14th November, travellers from Cambodia and Laos will be able to take advantage of the travel corridor. Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam were all already on the list. It is unclear why it has taken so long for Cambodia and Laos to be added to the list bearing in mind the very low number of cases in those countries.

Cambodia has so far had 301 confirmed Covid-19 cases and no deaths. Laos has had 24 cases and no deaths.

Southeast Asia COVID Facts and Figures

Most countries on the travel corridor list do not currently allow entry to visitors so most people arriving in the UK would be diplomats, business people or those returning who have been in country since before lockdown.

Currently UK travellers have to quarantine themselves for 14-days if they return from a country that is not listed on the travel corridor list, although there are reports that this may be reduced soon.

As an added complication travellers have found themselves abroad, in a travel corridor country, when the UK governments has announced changes to take effect at very short notice.

The UK itself is currently in lockdown and foreign travel is not allowed apart from in exceptional circumstances.

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