Travel Bubbles, Travel Corridors and Green Lanes Explained

We are starting to have to get used to a whole new range of travel terms which can make the prospect of travel even more confusing.

These get even more complicated as there is no agreement over the terms used, so different countries will use different terms for the same thing.

The reality is that for all of these arrangements there are additional requirements over regular travel. These could include Covid-19 tests, quarantine and the use of tracking apps. It is likely that in the future proof of vaccination will be added to entry requirements.

Travel Corridor

In the UK a Travel Corridor is a country where quarantine is not required when travellers return from that country. Many countries on the travel corridor list do not currently allow travellers to enter the country except in special circumstances, so for most travellers are still off limits. These are not currently two-way agreements.

Some countries use Travel Corridor instead of Travel Bubble.

Travel Bubble

Generally a Travel Bubble is a two-way agreement between countries, usually countries with very low current transmission rates.

Singapore and Hong Kong will begin their Travel Bubble from 22nd November. Travellers will have to take Covid-19 tests, but will not be required to quarantine and will not have any restrictions on travel.

Green Lane

These tend to be designed for diplomats, officials and business travellers.

In Singapore the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) allows two-way travel between a number of countries, although there are more restrictions.

Air Travel Pass

In Singapore the Air Travel Pass (ATP) works like a reverse Travel Corridor. Travellers from countries with low rates of Covid-19 are allowed to enter the country, with certain conditions. The ATP is not a two-way agreement so travellers will be subject to restrictions if returning to the country of origin.

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