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We published our 50 Not Out post one post early as we wanted it published at a certain time. This time, to celebrate 100 posts, we are a few late. But who is counting?

At the start of these blog post we were in the middle of an unprecedented worldwide lockdown as the Covid-19 pandemic spread. At the time there were very few people who thought that 8 months after most countries started closing their borders we would still be battling the pandemic and waiting for travel to restart.

To celebrate 100 posts we have selected some of our favourite and most popular posts.

To start the ball rolling don’t forget our Travel Mood Survey which is open for voting until Monday 23rd November.

Favourites and Top Series

We started our series of favourite pictures with Thai Rolled Ice Cream, moved through Ao Nang Beach Bar, Dusky Leaf Monkey, Songthaew and Live Music Bars to name a few. We will be revisiting this series soon.

Do you know where chewing gum is banned? If not then the 10 unusual things banned in Southeast Asia post is for you.

Want to improve your flying experience? We published a two-part top 20 mistakes when flying.

Love the beach life. We have looked at the best beaches in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam as well as my favourite things to do on Koh Samui and in Phuket.

If it is city life then check out my favourite things to do in Bangkok

Covid, Southeast Asia and Travel

With very little travel taking place in Southeast Asia we have continued to look at how the pandemic has affected the region, how individual countries have responded and the effect on current and future travel.

Travel Stories

We have published a number of stories related to travelling during Covid including Travelling in Thailand at the Start of the Covid Pandemic, why we Booked a Vietnam Holiday During the Pandemic and also Australian couple Don and Vik and their Malaysian Lockdown Adventure.

Contact us if you have a travel story, pictures or advice that you would like to share or are interested in a collaboration.

How The Region Coped With Covid

We have posted a number of posts on how individual countries have coped with the pandemic including articles for Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

We also took a closer look at specific issues including how International Tourism Has Been Impacted in Thailand, a lockdown update for Malaysia as restrictions were tightened and how Vietnam tourism has taken a massive hit.

We have issued regular updates on the Covid situation and Travel Updates for the region.

The Effect on Airlines

The pandemic has hit airlines especially hard as we have seen capacity drop to virtually zero for much of the summer.

We took a broad look at the issue with Southeast Airlines and Covid article and How Busy Are Southeast Asia Skies?

Singapore Airlines have been especially hit hard by the lack of domestic flights which has helped some airlines to slightly reduce the impact. We discussed their record loss and retirement of planes

We also looked at a proposed tourism merger affecting Garuda Indonesia after they had previously announced shedding 700 jobs and the issues affecting Cathay Pacific and Malindo Air.

Travel Now and the Future

We have looked at a number of areas that could help to reopen travel to the region and also some of the action being taken by countries.

We looked at the region as a whole as we speculated that travel in 2021 was starting to look more promising although other reports were that International tourism may not recover until 2022 at the earliest.

Thailand has started to reopen and recently started to offer two new tourist visa’s may be looking to implement a smart band for tourists

An advertising campaign in the US sparked speculation that Vietnam could be preparing to reopen to tourists and reports in Indonesia said that Bali was hoping to reopen later this year.

We also discussed if rapid Covid tests would help tourism to recover and how countries were looking to implement vaccinations. We have also tried to explain the difference between travel bubbles, corridors and green lanes.

News Affecting Travel Now and in the Future

We started covering more news items that affected tourist areas and how tourism may look in the future.

A huge $350 resort is planned on the doorstep of Angkor Wat in Cambodia which could change the area for ever. Indonesia are looking at changes to the law that could lead to alcohol being banned, including in tourist hotspot Bali.

There were concerns that the Komodo Dragon could be threatened by a new development designed to increase tourism.

There seemed to be an almost constant stream of typhoons and tropical storms hitting the Philippines and Vietnam and we covered these with articles on Typhoon Molave in Vietnam, Storm Goni and its impact on the Philippines and Vietnam and how storm Vamco hit Central Vietnam after causing deaths in the Philippines.

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