Bali Plans For Medical Tourism Boost

Southeast Asia is already a destination for many people looking for medical procedures including Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and Bali may be next to join that list.

Talk of Bali entering this market are not new.

In 2018 Gapura reported that affordable, high quality, luxury healthcare was a significant opportunity in Bali as the industry first started to expand with clinics looking more like spas than hospitals.

The following year the Journal of Travel, Tourism and Recreation published their report “Medical tourism in Bali: a Critical Assessment on the Potential and Strategy for its Development”. The report stated that there were 11 billion people travelling for medical treatment from one country to another accounting for US$439 billion of revenue (2017).

Much of that would be for essential treatment not available in the originating country. However a significant proportion is people choosing to visit another country to access cheaper, higher standard or more luxurious treatment. The ability to holiday in a beautiful destination while recuperating is another major draw.

Now an Indonesian Minister has raised the prospect of this becoming an even more significant area of tourism in the future.

“This will be the destination for Indonesians who used to go to Singapore [or] Malaysia for check up, they can just go to Bali instead. Bali will be on a par with Singapore”.

Erick Thohir, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises on Metro TV.

The ability to attract medical tourists is of particular interest at the moment as countries look at options for increasing the tourism spend without allowing mass international tourism. Thailand for example has also looked at allowing medical tourists into the country knowing that quarantine is easier and the average spend per visit is much higher than for a regular tourist.

Photo credit Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

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