Major New International Airport Planned For Vietnam

The first phase of a new international airport close to Ho Chi Minh City has been approved by the Vietnamese Government and work will start in December.

Long Thanh International Airport will be located 40km (25 miles) east of HCMC and is intended to serve up to 25 million passengers and 1.2 million tons of cargo per year from 2025.

The initial project will include the construction of a 4,000 metre runway and a 373,000 sq metre terminal building plus additional buildings for ancillary services and facilities. Cost of the initial project is estimated at VND 109,112 billion (approx £3,516 million, US$4,665 million).

The new airport is designed to become an International Hub catering for international flights from a number of airlines and domestic flights for Vietnam Airlines only. Long Thanh is designed to complement HCMC Tan Son Nhat International Airport and is not intended to be a replacement.

Planned Departure Hall in Long Thanh Airport

The project will be overseen by the Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) who already operate 21 airports throughout Vietnam, who will also run Long Thanh once completed.

There are additional plans to eventually expand the airport to 4 runways, 4 terminals and additional buildings to handle up to 100 million passengers a 5 million tons of cargo a year by 2040.

Currently road and rail access to the area is very limited. Plans are underway for two highways to connect to the airport by the planned opening date in 2025 and a third to follow for future developments. There are also plans for a high-speed rail link to HCMC.

Picture credits Airports Corporation of Vietnam

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