Phone App To Track Tourists to Thailand

Thai PBS World are reporting that the Thai Government will introduce a new app called “Thailand Plus” will be a requirement for tourists to enable officials to track their whereabouts.

The app will use GPS to track tourists to help identify where they have visited but also to help locate them in case they have been exposed to Covid-19 during their stay.

The app is likely to link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their individual Certificate of Entry (COE).

Thailand has started to open to a select few tourists but has yet to open for mass tourism.

The Thaiger are reporting that 681 people have now been approved for the Special Tourist Visa.

They also state that 263 have completed the 14 day mandatory quarantine, 134 were currently in quarantine and 284 would arrive before the end of November.

Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand also has a Tourist Visa available but it is not thought that anyone has yet to arrive in the country with that visa.

Click here for more details of Thailand Visa Information

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