Flyingdog Travel, Travel Mood Survey Results

Last week we ran an online survey on the website and on our twitter account at @flyingdogtravel

Here are the results.

Has the pandemic changed how likely you are to travel in 2021?

67% of respondents said that the pandemic would not change the likelihood of them travelling in 2021. Worryingly for the travel industry, this would be a massive impact on worldwide travel if the 33% who answered no were reflected across the whole industry.

Has the Pandemic changed how you think about travel or the places that you would visit?

We then looked deeper into this subject.

Interestingly 71% of people said that it had not changed how they think about travel or the places that they would visit, the remaining 29% said that it had partially changed. No-one answered yes to this question which seems to demonstrate that there is a desire to travel again.

What will give you confidence to travel again?

We then wanted to see what would need to happen to give people confidence in travelling in the futire.

38% replied that they were already happy to travel again. Is the desire to travel starting to outweigh the fears of the virus? Or maybe this reflects people who believe that the lockdowns and response to COVID have been the wrong approach.

Quarantine was universally unpopular and just 25% said that a vaccine would be the deciding factor.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

38% said that very low Covid rates in the destination country would give them confidence. This should give hope to countries like Cambodia, Singapore Thailand and Vietnam who all, currently, have very low rates.

Would you be happy to travel if you had to quarantine?

Quarantines are currently a reality where travel is allowed.

Just 25% of people said that they would be happy to travel if they had to quarantine on their return home and just 8% said they would be happy to quarantine in the destination and on return.

A big majority of 67% said that they would not be happy to travel if they had to quarantine.

When will worldwide travel start to open up again?

There are still few options for worldwide travel without major restrictions.

There is confidence that the first six months of 2021 will see world travel opening up again. 24% thought this would happen in the first 3 months of the year and 52% between April and June.

Khao Lak, Thailand

12 % thought it would be towards the end of 2021 and a pessimistic 12% thought it would be 2022 at the earliest.

When are you planing to travel again?

There is a real thirst to start traveling again though with 10% saying that they have already started to travel or plan to before the end of the year and 90% planning to travel in the first half of 2021.

How much do you trust/use TripAdvisor reviews?

Finally we asked about Tripadvisor reviews after the company had hit the headlines after putting a warning notice on a Thai hotel entry.

This followed the hotel complaining to the police over a review from an American tourist who ended up in jail in Thailand.

Over the years there have also been allegations of fake reviews, both positive and negative.

Krabi, Thailand

100% of people said that they used the reviews as a guide only.

The days of total trust on review sites seems to be over.


Do you have any views on the future of travel or Tripadvisor or other review sites? Leave a comment below.

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