Illegal Entrants In Vietnam Cause Covid Concern As Airlines Struggle

Illegal entrants into Vietnam are increasing the risk of community transmission of Covid-19.

Vietnam have been a consistent success story in the fight against Covid-19 with just 1,321 cases so far recorded and just 35 fatalities. There have been no new cases of community transmission for more than two months with the greatest risk being from people bringing the virus into the country.

A report in VnExpress has now stated that the Vietnamese government is becoming increasingly concerned that people illegally crossing the border are a threat to this record.

Many of these people are foreign nationals looking to work in Vietnam illegally or to gamble and avoid quarantine. There are however also concerns of Vietnamese nationals travelling illegally.

“The risk of Covid-19 transmission from outside the country is very high.”

“The population of infected patients in other countries is very high, so preventing Covid-19 infections has become much more difficult. If the Vietnamese health system was placed in the same context as those countries, it would be difficult for us to meet the treatment needs.”

Nguyen Thanh Long. health Minister via VnExpress

VnExpress stated that there have been 20,000 illegal entrants into Vietnam so far in 2020.

Vietnam Airlines May Not Recover Until 2023

VnExpress have also reported on the continued issues that the airline industry continue to suffer.

Vietjet Air revenues are 70% down in 2020, not as bad as some Southeast Asia airlines but still a significant hit to the company. Vietjet and Bamboo Airways have both asked for government loans to help them to survive the pandemic

“The aviation industry will take until 2023 to recover, and the government’s support is needed to help overcome the difficult timesand continue contributing to the state budget.”

Ho Ngoc Yen Phuong. Deputy CEO of Vietjet Air via VnExpress

There is increasing concern that the airline and tourism industry will not start to recover until 2022 at the earliest meaning that many companies with a dependence on tourism will have a difficult 2021.

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