Thailand Welcomed Just 1,200 Foreign Visitors in October

In October 2019 more than 3 million foreign visitors entered Thailand. In October 2020 that figure was just 1,201. That is according to figures recently published by the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

In 2020 Thailand has so far welcomed almost 6.7 million foreign visitors, 79% less than the 32.5 million in the same period in 2019. The vast majority of these visitors will have arrived prior to the borders being closed in mid March.

Thailand has just, tentatively, started to re-open to tourists through the Special Tourist Visa (STV) and, more recently, the Tourist Visa (TV) but numbers using the STV were low in October. Most foreign entrants in October would have been entering on non-tourist visa’s.

The highest number of visitors in October came from China with 471, followed by Cambodia with 231. In the same period last year, Thailand welcomed 826,392 from China. Elsewhere there were just 9 people from Australia, 27 from the UK and 23 from the USA who entered Thailand in October.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the tourism and related industries in Thailand which usually contributes up to 20% of GDP.

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