Thai Airways Selling and Buying New Planes Despite Economic Woes

Recently Thai Airways put large numbers of its planes up for sale to try and help the ailing airline become more attractive for investors and more resilient for the future.

The list included around 34 aircraft, the majority of which were wide-bodied planes, the heart of Thai Airlines operation. All of the airlines aging Boeing 747 planes were put on the market together with 12 Boeing 777.

Reports now say that the airline is also now looking for buyers for two of its Airbus A380 aircraft.

Unfortunately it is unlikely that there will be many, if any, buyers for any of the aircraft on sale unless it is at a heavily discounted price. Thai are not the only airline looking to offload large parts of their fleet. The number of 747’s and A380’s to have flooded the market make sales of these especially unlikely.

Thai Airways Planes. Credit arie Wubben on Unsplash

Having flown on Thai A380, 747 and 777 on a number of occasions it will be shame to see them go. I have always enjoyed the A380 in particular and would miss these flights.

New Boeing 777’s Due For Delivery

In what may seem to be an increasingly strange situation, Thai are reported to be about to take delivery of up to 3 new Boeing 777’s in 2021.

The 777-300ER were ordered prior to the pandemic and it seems that Thai have not been able to negotiate their way out of the arrangements.

Pictures of a plane, believed to be the first of these, being readied for dispatch in the USA have surfaced over the last few days.

This first plane looks likely to be flown to Thailand early in 2021 where it may well sit until the skies start to open up again.

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