Singapore Announces New Business Travel Bubble and Relaxation of COVID Measures

Short-term business travel to Singapore will be allowed from mid-January without the need for quarantine and will be available for travellers from all countries.

The Connect@Singapore scheme will be open to a limited number of business, official and high economic value travellers entering and staying in Singapore for up to 14 days.

Travellers, in pre-declared groups of up to 5, will be allowed into the country and will be transported from the airport to dedicated facilities, where they will remain, in their group, for the duration of their stay. They will need to have a negative Covid PCR test both before leaving for Singapore and on arrival and will be regularly tested throughout their stay.

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The groups are not allowed to mix with anyone in Singapore apart from during organised business meetings. These meetings must be conducted in-line with stipulated conditions laid down.

“We will ensure that strict health and testing protocols are put in place…..stay at an appointed facility under the Connect@Singapore initiative, undergo regular routine testing and strictly observe all prevailing Safe Management Measures.”

Chan Chun Sing, Singapore Minister for Trade and Industry

The application process is due to go live in mid-January and the first arrivals will be allowed later that month.

Singapore Moving Into Phase 3 of Recovery

The Singapore Prime Minister has today announced that the country will move into Phase 3 of the re-opening plan from 28th December.

“Because of your efforts, we are now ready to progress to the next phase.. Phase 3 will begin in two weeks’ time, on December 28, so we will end the year with some good news.”

“So eight people can dine out together, or visit someone’s home. This will make it easier to hold family get-together’s during the festive period.”

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister

The Prime Minister urged caution and warned that the battle was not yet won. The easing of restrictions was designed to take place in a controlled way to ensure that the Covid threat is minimised.

locally transmitted cases are now rare and only a handful of daily imported cases are being reported.

Singapore has purchased stocks of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which are expected to arrive by the end of December. Further supplies of other vaccines have also been acquired and will arrive in the coming months.

Singapore has so far recorded 58,341 cases of COVID-19 including 16 in the last 24 hours and 29 deaths.

Main picture credit Charles Postiaux

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