Thailand to Ease Entry Restrictions to Boost Tourism

Thailand have today announced the further easing of entry restrictions after the luke-warm response to its current visa’s.

Citizens from 56 countries, including those from Australia, France and the United States will be able to travel without a visa. They will however need to have a certificate showing that they are Covid-19 free, dated within 72 hours of departure and a booking at a registered quarantine hotel for the first 14 days of their stay.

Visitors will also need to undergo a further three Covid-19 tests during their 14 day quarantine period on days . This will be reviewed in the New Year as further studies take place to investigate if quarantine can be reduced to 10 days.

The process for the Special Tourist Visa (STV) and Tourist Visa (TV) have been criticised for being over-restrictive. many people have also reported that local embassies have been very slow in responding to visa enquiries.

We are still waiting for a full list of the 56 countries who are included. Citizens of other countries would still be able to apply fro the TV and STV.

It remains unclear if the easing of visa requirements will have the desired effect as many people have stated that the quarantine period would put them off from travelling and it is still likely to only be attractive to tourists planning on staying for longer periods.

Thailand has so far recorded 4,297 cases of Covid-19 and 60 fatalities. There were 16 new cases in the last 24 hours. The majority of new cases are imported and not through local transmission.

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