Cebu Pacific Launches Covid Testing

Cebu Pacific, the largest airline in the Philippines has launched its “Test Before Boarding” (TBB) Covid testing for flights from Manila following a succesful trial.

The testing facility at Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila provides antigen tests with results promised within 30 minutes. Passengers can register and pat prior to taking the test.

A number of regions within the Philippines require a negative antigen test prior to travel.

During the trial, which ran from 3rd to 14 December, 1,143 people were tested. Three tested positive and were not allowed to travel. The remaining passengers were allowed to fly and were tested again at the end of a 7-day quarantine. All tested negative again, providing assurances that the process was effective.

“Following the successful TBB pilot, Cebu Pacific is ready to offer this option to all their passengers. We are urging everyone to take advantage of this convenient alternative, especially since the testing site is strategically located at the airport, making the whole process easy and hassle-free for our residents,”

Mayor Ronnel Rivera of General Santos City

Accurate, fast and affordable testing is seen by many as being instrumental in restarting International Tourism and it will be interesting to monitor the success of this programme.

Main picture credit Paul Rowbotham on flickr

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4 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific Launches Covid Testing

  1. I think it’s an excellent idea. The 30 minute antigen test should be incorporated into the opening back of international borders & increasing airline traffic again. As a traveler you spend longer then 30 minutes inside the airport anyway, so a test as you waiting wouldn’t even slow down transit time.

    1. Hopefully more countries will start to look at allowing these tests to take place and airports and airlines invest in the infrastructure to make it possible. They were talking about a US$68 charge for the Cebu Pacific programme which is not extortionate.

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