Singapore Bans Travellers Who Have Recently Visited the United Kingdom

Singapore has joined more than 40 other countries in imposing travel restrictions on travellers from the United Kingdom following the emergence of a new, possibly more contagious, strain of Covid-19.

From 11.59pm on Wednesday 23rd December, travellers with a history of visiting the United Kingdom within the last 14 days will not be able to enter or transit through Singapore.

“We are concerned about the new strain.”

“The preliminary assessment is that it is 70 per cent more infectious, which is significant, and therefore we think it is prudent to stop all incoming travellers from the UK during this period until we are able to learn more about this new strain of the virus.”

“We still need to understand, beyond the fact that it is more transmissible, whether it is going to lead to a more severe disease, or will there be other impact.”

“Having this additional precaution now is necessary and prudent, because of the uncertainty and the risk.”

Lawrence Wong, Singapore Education Minister via The Straits Times

Singapore citizens and permanent residents with a recent travel history in the United Kingdom will be allowed to enter Singapore but must take a PCR test on arrival and undertake a 14-day Stay-Home Notice.

Singapore Airlines have issued a statement for customers with direct bookings with the airline who will be affected by the ban confirming that they will be contacted and offered the opportunity to retain the value of their ticket as flight credits, rebook or seek a refund. travellers who booked indirectly should contact their booking agent.

Singapore has also barred short-term travellers from New South Wales, or those that have visited the state in the last 14 days, in Australia. This follows a new outbreak of cases in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney.

Picture credit Rap Dela Rea on Unsplash

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