Malaysia Launches 10 Year Tourism Revival Plan

Malaysia Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today launched the National Tourism Policy 2020 – 2030 designed to rebrand Malaysia as one of the “Top of The Mind Ecotourism Destinations of the World”.

The plan is designed to be Malaysia’s dynamic and strategic plan to revive the tourism industry in the country which is estimated to have lost more than RM100 billion (approx £18.3 billion, US$24.6 billion) this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tourism contributed RM240.2 billion (approx £44 billion, US$59 billion), or 15.9% of Malaysia’s gross domestic product in 2019 as 28 million foreign tourists visited the country. This year there were hope of numbers increasing to 30 million visitors.

Malaysia, like the majority of countries around the world, closed its borders in March and they have stayed closed as the battle against Covid-19 continues.

“Clearly, we have been impacted by the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic this year, and economic activities related to the tourism industry… are being forced to face their most difficult moments.” 

“The policy will be implemented through six key strategic thrusts, namely governance transformation, creating an inclusive tourism investment zone and intensifying tourism digitisation, enriching the experience and satisfaction of tourists, strengthening commitment to sustainable tourism, and increasing the capacity of human capital in all tourism sub-sectors.”

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Malaysia Prime Minister

During the 10 year plan Malaysia will create Special Tourism Investment Zones in an attempt to increase co-operation between public and private organisations and attract more investors into tourism.

The policy would be focused on strengthening competitiveness, encouraging sustainable and inclusive tourism, as well as planning for future disasters. The Prime Minister also said that the government is committed to balancing the development, preservation and conservation of national treasures, including the environment, culture and heritage as it looks to boost its eco-credentials.

Malaysia has recorded 98,737 cases of Covid-19 so far in the pandemic and 444 fatalities. Cases have increased in recent weeks meaning that any hope of relaxing entry rules for foreign tourists in the near-future have probably been put a few more weeks.

Main picture credit Bowen Chin

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