Boxing Day Asia Highlights

Here in the UK, 26th December is Boxing Day.

The day after Christmas is a day when many Britons will rise early for the start of the post Christmas sales.

For many people Boxing Day is one for sport. Hundreds of thousands of people would head to watch top level football (soccer for you Americans) and rugby up and down the country. Many sports clubs would have their own Boxing Day events as their bring their members and families together.

It could just be visiting friends and relatives.

For us it would generally be a family lunch followed by a trip to the football or rugby, and the evening would be spent down the pub with friends.

This year however Covid means that professional sport is only available to very few, if any, spectators. We are limited to the number of households we can mix with and, depending on the area that you live in, pubs could be closed or only available to people eating a “substantial” meal.

We can’t even look forward to an upcoming trip, generally our February journey to Southeast Asia would be fast approaching. This year of course those plans have been cancelled and who knows when we will be able to get away.

Instead here are some of the most spectacular, fun, interesting, relaxing and coolest places to visit in Southeast Asia. Enjoy!

Angkor Wat

I love Cambodia and Angkor Wat especially.

An incredible, awe-inspiring, area that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, Cambodia.
Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Credit Steve Douglas on Unsplash

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

An incredible park featuring Supertree structures which are lit up during the evening.

There is also a wonderful skywalk to explore the gardens and climate-controlled conservatories which are well worth a visit.

Bangkok River Cruise

You can jump onto a boat throughout the day to help explore this vibrant city. Depending on where you are staying, we recommend the river to get to the Royal Palace.

At night the river really comes alive with the colours from the shore and other boats.

Bangkok River Cruise. Thailand. Credit Geoff Greenwood on Unsplash
Da Nang Beach, Vietnam.

Vietnam Beaches

For many people Vietnam would not be the first place you think off when thinking of beautiful beaches.

The country has thousands of miles of coastline and much of it has stunning beaches, much of it quiet and unspoilt.

Philippine Sunsets

Stunning sunsets can be seen all over the world and Southeast Asia has some of the best around.

We decided not to pick an obvious Thai sunset but instead here is one from Balabac in the Philippines

Balabac Sunset, Philippines. Credit Cris Tagupa on Unsplash
Bali. credit Harry Kessell on Unsplash

Temples on Bali

Think of temples and you may think of Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam.

Think of Bali and you may think of beaches and forests.

You would not be wrong with any of those but Bali has stunning temples too.

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Around 400 million years old, these limestone caves are home to a number of temples which are a must see for anyone heading near to Kuala Lumpur.

Be warned though that access to the largest of the temples, Cathedral or Temple Cave, is via 272 steps.

Batu Caves, kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I hope that these pictures brightened up your Boxing Day, or simply 26th December.

We will have more stunning pictures and highlights all the way through to 2021.

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