No Sign Of A Return Of International Tourism in Vietnam

The continuing spread globally of Covid-19 and the slow initial rollout of vaccines means that Vietnam is not yet considering a return to international commercial flights. That is according to VN Express International.

Vietnam has so far recorded just 1,497 cases of Covid-19, with just 3 more in the last 24 hours, and 35 deaths. The country has achieved these impressive figures by its strict travel restrictions and quarantine processes and it is not yet ready to relax these restrictions.

The emergence of new Covid mutations, especially faster spreading ones from South Africa and the UK have only strengthened the resolve to lock the borders until it is deemed safe to relax measures. On Saturday Vietnam reported its first case of the British mutation in a 44-year old Vietnamese woman who had returned to Vietnam from Britain.

Many countries are also struggling to access vaccines and it is likely to be a number of months, art the earliest, until vaccinations are being delivered throughout the world, including in Vietnam which has not yet started a vaccination programme.

According to the Vietnamese General Statistics Office, foreign arrivals fell by nearly 79% in 2020 to just 3.84 million.

Photo credit Arkady Lukashov on Unsplash

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