Thailand Aims To Boost Tourism With New Holidays

With almost 20% of pre-pandemic GDP being tourism and travel related, The Thai economy has been seriously affected by Covid-19 with no quick return expected despite a number of attempts to boost the sector.

Like a number of its neighbours Thailand has tried to promote and encourage domestic tourism with some weekends seeing significant hotel occupancy rates.

The country has now come up with another way to boost numbers, revenue and morale through the creation of 8 new holidays for 2021.

The holidays will include 4 new National Holidays:

  • Friday 12th February – Chinese New Year
  • Monday 12th April – an additional day for Songkran which now runs 12th to 15th April
  • Tuesday 27th July – Buddhist Lent substitute day
  • Friday 24th September – Mahidol Day in remembrance of Prince of Songkhla, Mahidol Adulyadej

There will also be 4 additional regional holidays:

  • Friday 26th March – Wai Phra That (Northern Thailand)
  • Monday 10th May – Rocket Festival or Bun Bang Fai (Northeastern Thailand)
  • Wednesday 6th October – Sart Thai (Southern Thailand)
  • Thursday 21st October – end of Buddhist Lent (Central Thailand)

It is likely that Thailand will need to continue to rely on domestic tourism for the vast majority of travel and tourism revenue during the first half of 2021.

The tourism sector has been hit with another blow as the latest outbreak has resulted in 28 provinces implementing stricter measures.

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