Singapore May Relax Restrictions For Vaccinated Travellers

The co-head of the government virus taskforce has told parliament that they may consider the relaxation of travel restrictions.

“If there is clear evidence that transmission risks can be lowered significantly (by vaccines), we will certainly consider some relaxation to the SHN (stay home notice) regime for vaccinated travellers,” 

Lawrence Wong. Co-head of Singapore Virus Taskforce via Reuters.

While an encouraging development, it is far from the good news many travellers had hoped for following the introduction of a number of vaccinations throughout the world.

Singapore, like most countries, continue to be cautious on the relaxation of restrictions as they evaluation the effectiveness of vaccines and the impact that any increased travel may have on health and the economy.

Singapore has already established a number of travel arrangements allowing travellers from certain countries access to the country. There are however restrictions in place for most nationalities.

Photo credit Hanson Lu on Unsplash

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