Bangkok Airport Expansion Approved

Prior to the pandemic the main airport in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi, has been creaking at the seams as around 60 million passengers a year passed through it’s doors. It was designed for just 45 million per year.

Plans have now been approved for a major expansion project that will include the construction of three new terminals that could increase capacity by a further 60 million passengers per year. It is hoped that construction could be completed by 2024. It is hoped that final improvement will be received from the cabinet in March.

The expansion plans are expected to cost around 60 billion baht (approx £1.47 billion / US$1.99 billion) and run alongside plans for a third runway at the airport. The third runway would allow up to 90 flights per hour up from the current 68.

Thailand is not the only country in Southeast Asia with ambitious airport plans. Vietnam has started construction on Long Thanh International Airport, near Ho Chi Minh City, scheduled to be completed in 2025 to increase capacity in the region.

Photo credit Benoit Mortgat on flickr

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