Could Foreign Film Productions Aid Recovery For Thailand Travel Industry

The Thailand Tourism and Sports Ministry is targeting the foreign film industry in the hope that they can generate 3 billion baht (approx £72.8 million / US$1 billion) during 2021.

The Bangkok Post reports that the aim is to attract film productions which will spend at least 100 million baht (approx £2.4 million / US$3.3 million) and are targeting well known directors and actors.

It is believed that there were 176 international film productions in 2020 which generated around 1.73 billion baht (approx £41.2 million / US$56.6 million). This was a sharp fall from the 740 productions in 2019 which generated 4.86 billion baht (approx £118 million / US$162 million).

The majority of productions in 2020 were from China followed by India, the UK, USA and South Korea.

“International productions can proceed and generate income for locals despite the tourism slowdown.”

Anant Wongbenjarat, Director-General Thailand Tourism Department via Bangkok Post

Thailand has been a popular destination for film crews over the years, both for films set in Thailand or as a stand in for other Southeast Asia countries especially Vietnam.

Our series of articles on Southeast Asia film locations includes details on locations for the Hangover Part II, The Beach, The Deer Hunter, The Man With The Golden Gun and Good Morning Vietnam.

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