Tourism Blow After New Vietnam Covid Outbreak

With no signs of the Vietnamese authorities lifting the travel ban on foreign visitors many of those reliant on travel and tourism looked toward internal tourism during Chinese New Year as vital to their finances.

Hanoi however have today confirmed its first outbreak in 55 days as it reported 83 infections, including 2 locally transmitted cases. The outbreak is the first since the Da Nang outbreak last July and is so far contained within Hai Duong and quang Ninh provinces.

“We think the outbreak in Hai Duong will be worse than the one in Da Nang.”

“We will take tens of thousands of samples for testing today.”

Nguyen Thanh Long, Vietnam Health Minister 

The outbreak seems to have originated from a support staff worker at Van Don (Ha Long) international airport who was responsible for taking infected passengers arriving from abroad to COVID-19 quarantine facilities and a factory worker who came into contact with a Vietnamese national who later travelled to Japan where he tested positive for the more contagious B.1.1.7 UK variant.

The Vietnamese authorities have committed to testing tens of thousands of people who may have come into contact with infected people. A village and factory were locked down and 2,340 workers quarantined to try and stem the spread of the virus.

There are fears that this could be the most severe outbreak seen in Vietnam and that it could lead to up to 30,000 cases. Vietnam has so far recorded just over 1,500 cases of Covid-19

The news comes just as Vietnam was ranked as the second most successful throughout the world in combating Covid-19 by the Lowy Institute.

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