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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced a tourism recovery strategy aimed at promoting safe and sustainable travel once the country is able to rebuild its travel and tourism industry following the Covid-19 pandemic. They have called the plan their “SEXY” tourism concept.

Before we look at the concept in more detail we should point out that this has nothing to do with the countries infamous sex tourism which the country has spent many years trying to distance itself. In fact it is unlikely that you will see “SEXY” being used in consumer marketing and will just focus on the principals in the plan.

The concept is set to be rolled out during 2021-2022 and is in response to changing consumer attitudes and requirements due to the pandemic. The “SEXY” concept covers: S – Safety and Hygiene, E – Environmental Sustainability, X – Extra Experiences, and Y – Yield.

“All four key focuses under this ‘SEXY’ tourism concept reflect Thailand’s current new normal tourism direction towards safe and sustainable travel. This will help restore travellers’ confidence, while driving recovery for both the Thai economy and the tourism industry to make a comeback stronger than ever.”

“In implementing this tourism concept, TAT will be closely aligning its strategies with the policies and plans of the related public and private sector organisations. Together, TAT and Thai tourism stakeholders will reshape the image of Thailand with core messages highlighting the importance of safe and sustainable travel.”

Mr Yuthasal Supasorn, Governor TAT
  • S – safety and hygiene are fundamental as a matter of good public health safety, which has become a new norm for people all over the world. This is backed by the existing Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA), a public-private sector co-operation to promote health and well-being for all in the kingdom. More than 8,000 businesses and entrepreneurs in 10 key sectors across the country have been awarded the Amazing Thailand SHA certificate.
  • E – environmental sustainability and reflects TAT’s existing strategy on sustainable tourism development, including past initiatives like Thai wildlife conservation, the “Upcycling the Oceans Thailand” clean-up effort, and “Thailand Reduce Waste” campaign
  • X – extra experiences and follows TAT’s existing strategy to introduce brand new products to visitors or reveal a new charming character of well-known destinations through creativity. This also means extra public health safety reflecting Thailand’s ability to control the epidemic, and also the Amazing Thailand SHA initiative.
  • Y – yield, focusing on high-value tourism from a group of people with high-spending potential. This also reflects TAT’s existing strategy to move the Thai tourism industry out of mass tourism and towards responsible tourism with an emphasis on revenue-generating quality tourists.

It remains to be seen if using the acronym “SEXY” will be a wise move when the focus is on safe, sustainable, high-value travellers.

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