Call For Vaccinations For Malaysia Tourism Sector

Last week we reported on proposals for mass Covid-19 vaccinations on Phuket and for priority vaccinations to tourism workers in Thailand, both with the intention of helping to reopen the borders in Thailand.

Today TTG Asia are reporting that the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) has proposed to the government for tourism and hospitality workers be prioritised for vaccinations after medical workers and high-risk groups.

The Malaysia vaccination programme is due to start at the end of February with medical and non-medical frontliners at the front of the queue followed by high-risk people from April to August. Current plans then include vaccinations for the rest of the adult population between May 2021 and February 2022.

This timeline could mean that the tourism sector could not fully reopen until 2022 which would likely result in more business failures and closures in the sector.

If the 3.6 million people employed in the tourism sector were to start receiving vaccinations from May 2021 it may be possible to reopen the borders to more foreign tourists from the second half of 2021, safeguarding many jobs and injecting much needed income into the economy.

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