Happy Chinese New Year

We would like to wish all of our readers a happy Year of the Ox.

For many people celebrations will be much more muted than normal as Covid-19 restrictions remain in place in many places throughout the world.

Throughout Southeast Asia restrictions have meant that most outdoor mass gatherings have been banned and restrictions are in place for travel meaning that many families have not been able to meet up to mark the celebrations.

Many international tourists will usually head to countries to celebrate the New Year and this has also not been possible this year. Bangkok for example is usually busy for around a month as people head to the city, which has a large Chinese population.

In Vietnam today is also Tet, the Lunar New Year, the most significant holiday within the country. We would also like to wish any Vietnamese readers a Happy Tet.

Families throughout Vietnam traditionally would travel for hundreds of miles to meet and celebrate with the extended families. The recent covid outbreak has however meant that there are restrictions on travel and gatherings in many areas meaning a much more subdued Tet for many.

Photo credit Alexsandr Zykov on flickr

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