Philippines Covid-19 Testing For Travellers

The Philippines Department of Tourism have today said that it would leave the decision on whether to require traveller Covid-19 tests to local governments.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government earlier said it was considering a proposal to remove COVID-19 testing as a requirement for travel.

The decision has been made to allow local governments to decide on the Covid-19 protocols for their area dependent on local conditions and Covid cases. The type of test used is also down to the local government.

The measures come as the country tries to restart domestic travel and tourism and comes alongside appeals for travel requirements including police clearance and health certificates to be revised and reduced.

A meeting of the Inter-Agency Task Force against COVID-19 will meet on Friday this week to discuss uniformity of travel requirements which is regarded as an important factor in restarting tourism within the country.

Source ABS-CBN News

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