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Sanur, Bali, Indonesia. Credit mutekk on Unsplash

The Indonesian government hace announced plans to develop the Sanur region on Bali as a Special Economic Zone focused on health, primarily for senior citizens.

Erick Thohir, Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of Indonesia, announced earlier this week that there is 41 hectares of land available for development in the area and that 21.2 hectares would be allocated for the creation of a health tourism hub. Facilities would an international hospital, eco-park, commercial area and art market, and a hotel and hospitality school.

“It will be different as compared to other areas in Bali. We want to attract tourists, especially the elderly.” 

Erick Thohir, Indonesian Minister of State-Owned Enterprises of Indonesia

The Indonesian government has encouraged the development of health tourism as a way of attracting high-value tourists as well as improving facilities within the country. It is hoped that the development will attract international and domestic health tourists.

We first reported on plans for medical tourism in Bali last November.

Sanur is one of the oldest tourist areas in Bali and has attracted celebrities from all over the world to the white-sand beaches and calm seas. The area is now popular with families and older tourists who come for the laid back atmosphere, traditional Bali life, excellent spas and yoga retreats.

Source Anatara News

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