Covid-19 Tests Still Required For Philippines Travel

Picture Samal Island, Philippines credit Nicole Richstein on Unsplash

On 1st March we reported that Covid-19 tests would not be required for much domestic travel to encourage more internal tourism. Unfortunately it seems that testing is still required for most travellers.

The plan was that travellers would not require a test or need to undergo quarantine, unless they were exhibiting symptoms and that the requirement for Travel Authorities and health certificates was also removed.

However the final say was with Local Government Units (LGU) in the destination area and many of these are still requiring testing for arrivals.

TTGAsia is reporting that Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Palawan Pangasinan and Siquior are just some of the key tourist destinations who still require PCR testing.

Rizal, close to Manila, has however announced that it is accepting tourists without the need for a Covid test and hopes to attract many Filipino’s over the coming weeks. The area has many tourist attractions and in 2019 attracted 7.2 million day-trip visitors and almost 400,000 overnight stays.

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