October End To Travel Restrictions In Thailand

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Officials in Thailand have teased the ending of Covid-19 restrictions by October, but only if current restrictions were adhered to.

The Thai Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) assistant spokeswoman Apisamai Srirangson said earlier this week that key to removing restrictions would be the public sectors readiness to resume normal life.

Although the statement was not directly targeted at the tourism industry, it will have raised hopes that the country will be able to welcome significantly more tourists this year than was feared.

A couple of weeks ago foreign tourist arrivals in 2021 was estimated to be just 3 million, significantly lower than previous estimates. In 2019 the country welcomed almost 40 million foreign tourists and accounted for almost 20% of national GDP.

More Hope For The Thai Tourism Industry

Next Monday could be a key date for the tourism industry as it is hoped that the CCSA will agree to reduce quarantine for vaccinated arrivals from 14 to 7-10 days.

Despite being open to tourists the mandatory 14 day quarantine on all arrivals has been seen as a major disincentive to travellers and few have entered the country in the last few months.

It is also hoped that vaccine passports could help to reopen the orders and recent developments in China have raised hopes that this could help attract tourists from a key market for Thailand.

The government has hailed the success of the Villa quarantine programme piloted on Phuket. The first 58 European visitors have now completed their quarantine and are able to travel freely throughout the country. In reality the numbers arriving have been incredibly low.

Source: Bangkok Post

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