Singapore And Australia In Travel Bubble Plans

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Plans are underway to create a travel bubble between Australia and Singapore according to reports in a number of media sources.

The plans would included quarantine-free air travel between the two countries and the recognition of vaccination certificates. Priority would be given initially to business and student travellers. Discussions are also taking place in regards to recognising quarantine completed in either country for foreign nationals who would then be able to travel quarantine-free to the other country.

“Australia is a key partner of Singapore in the region. We are in discussions on how to cooperate in opening our economies safely, taking into consideration the Covid-19 situation in both countries.”

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Visitors from Australia play a major part in tourism in the country with almost 5.9 million passengers flying between the two countries in 2019. In 2020 there were just 1.2 million passengers, the majority in the first three months of the year, prior to the closing of borders.

Meanwhile Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been quoted as saying that he was hopeful that Singapore would be able to start reopening borders by the end of the year.

“I hope if that many countries can have substantial proportions of their populations vaccinated by later this year, we will be able to have the confidence and to have developed the systems to open up our international borders to travel safely again.”

Lee Hsien Loong Singapore Prime Minister

Despite a number of schemes, Singapore has remained largely closed to foreign visitors for the last 12 months.

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