Vietnam May Allow Vaccinated Tourists Later This Year

Picture Hoi An, Vietnam credit Rene Deanda on Unsplash

The Vietnam government is investigating the possibility of allowing vaccinated foreign tourists into the country later this year.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is working with a number of agencies on proposals that it will then consult with the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to report to the government on vaccine passports.

Early last week we reported on the chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association calling for restrictions to be relaxed in the country from July.

A number of key markets for Vietnam have either started to issue Covid passports, including China and Israel, or are investigating their use in the future, including the United States and United Kingdom.

Unfortunately the success of any scheme is likely to depend on quarantine arrangements and the present thinking is that a 14-day mandatory quarantine would be in place for arrivals on a covid passport scheme.

Thailand has tried a number of schemes to encourage foreign tourists back to the country. However numbers have been very low primarily due to the mandatory 14-day quarantine. The prospect of quarantine for arrivals has therefore been met with concern within the industry.

“Those who have been vaccinated should enter Vietnam without being quarantined.”

Nguyen Ngoc Toan, Director Images Travel Company

Many countries, including Vietnam, are reluctant to remove quarantine until there is evidence that vaccinated arrivals do not present a risk of transmitting the virus to locals who have not had access to the vaccine. There is also concern that new variants of the virus may not be protected by vaccines.

Many vaccines do not prevent people from getting or transmitting the virus but significantly reduce the effects. Some initial studies have suggested that the vaccine does reduce infection rates as well but these are not proven yet.

Source: VN Express

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